Thursday, February 11, 2016

Itty Olli {4 Months}

My little lady queen is 4 months old! We just went to our well check and she smiled through the whole thing :) She measured up at 13 lbs 15oz {40th percentile} and 23 tiny inches {3rd percentile}. She's so itty!!! At 4 months Olli is still swaddled but trying to inch out of it...although she doesn't sleep well yet without it. 

She is so happy and the most tolerant baby ever...(but don't 4th babies have to be??) 
Smiling even bigger, cooing and giving us some laughs too :)
She's branched out from the swing and floor and is now playing in her saucer! She's so tiny that her feet don't touch and we have to wedge blankeys around her but she still loves it!
Finally fitting into some baby clothes so mommy and big sissy can play dress up with her!

She's loving her Daddy but grunted enough that he finally shaved his beard so he can give her more kisses :)

We started rice cereal!
She's not thrilled about it but takes it like a champ, true to Olli form!

She is adored by her little big brother...
She had her first temperature...
And her first cold/virus...doesn't she look so sad?

Sleeping like a champ through the night and still napping in the moby for mommy and in her bed if daddy puts her down ;)

She's a mamas girl...(which I'm sure will change soon!)
and just a bundle of deliciousness!!!

And this is Pippa and I at the end of a long day taking care of all these babies!!! She's the best nanny dog ever!

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