Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February Photo Dump

I'm due for another photo dump because we have too many babies and too much fun to sit around and blog it all! So here it goes...
Little Mae in her vintage dress that was worn by her mommy AND her Nana B. Ella outgrew it before I ever put her in it so she never wore it. I'm so thankful for another little girl to pass this down to!

Such a lady!
Olli our dolly!
Looking pretty for Daddy at church. Heart melting...

We had another fun filled weekend with the kids. We started off Friday with having a play date at the house. Then it was time for me to take Ella on her special outting I planned for her for leaving for Arkansas for so long ;) (Luca's was the Pacific Science Center). She has been wanting to go to the Hello Kitty Exhibit at the EMP so that's what I surprised her with! We were having her bestie over for a sleepover Saturday so it was the perfect day to go. 
These two and their giggles...

I wonder how long they will let me join in their fun and take pictures with them before I'm not "cool" enough anymore?!?! As long as they'll have me I'm all in!!! And yes I got a selfie stick haha.
There were so many cool things to see from all over the world and from many years ago! My inner girl child loved it as well. It took me back!

My girl is always ready to strike a pose ;)
Ella's favorite was this dress...she said, "Oh my gosh Mama that looks PERFECT for Lady Gaga!"
We got a little closer and as it turns WAS Lady Gaga's dress. Ella has always been a little fashionista...I think she's on to something!

There were a lot of other fun things to do and explore in the EMP as well. I can't believe we've lived here for almost 3 years and this was our first time!

Downtown with Macklemore! 

Afterwards we spent some time outside playing on the new play set...
How cool is this?
I sat here on a fake grassy knoll while the girls played their little hearts out. 

Then it was time to go home for the sleepover portion of our evening! My BFF Diana is the one who introduced me to Hello Kitty and we had sleep overs ALL.THE.TIME. I was feeling a little nostalgic wishing she was there after a full day at of Hello Kitty and then a sleepover. I was wishing she was there so we could show these two girls how it's done!

In the meantime, this little girl has been getting sick :( I have a feeling it will be a never ending cycle at our house. But she's so happy, even when she doesn't feel her best!
We also have transitioned out of the swaddle...
No swaddle for Olli, Milo gave up the paci and started sleeping in his big boy bed. Everybody is growing up around here! Milo was so good about letting his paci go and I was shocked that it wasn't an issue that Olli has one. I thought it was the different colors. He didn't really say a word until we gave Olli the next size up and it looked like his...then it got a little tough :(
Forget that fact that it's purple...he thought it was his!
I love putting Olli in Ella's old outfits. Olli is such a peanut though that Ella wore this at one month and Olli wore it at 4 months! 
(it's so hard to think that that tiny babe is that big girl in the pic above)
In the words of Luca, "she's so cute. even when she cries. i love her"

This boy is still growing more obsessed with his baby sis...
The way he loves her is just the sweetest...
And of course a few more of Olli Mae because she looks different every day!

I'm getting the end of winter itch to clean, disinfect, purge and simplify after being in this cozy little house for 4 littles for quite some time. I was so desperate to deep clean and go crazy on the floors that I sat this tiny tyrant down with candy and cartoons! Mother of the year? Genius? Desperate? Either way I'm winning...and my floors are clean.
 Speaking of cleaning out...with 4 kids and a little house, I have to make serious decisions. This one is a tough one! What to do with my Beatle Barbie car that I got in high school because I loved my green beatle so kids have had their way with it but it and much to my dismay I "let it go" (because what good is it doing in my closet) and I let the kids play with it. It's seen better days and I feel like it's time to purge but it would officially be the end of an era! I LOVED THAT CAR!!! BTL BABE for life...

We celebrated this selfless, loving, funny, charming, giving, sweet, strong Daddy and Husband of ours. I've decided that his birthday is officially the best day of my life because without his birth, my sweetest days in this life wouldn't be possible.

 Happy 33rd babe! We wish you a year full of peace, joy and rest...ha!

Hoping we can get Olli healthy and be done with all the illnesses! Ella and Luca keep saying that they are so sad with her sick cry but torn because its kind of cute :)
Feel better Bitsy. Those sad eyes are killing us all!
 All for now!