Friday, January 1, 2016

Hap, Hap, Happy New Year!

After Christmas, we spent the rest of the week relaxing, enjoying each other and completely disengaged from life. We barely left the house. We ate what we wanted. We stayed in pjs. We let our kids have way to much screen time. We napped. We watched movies. We did whatever we wanted and when we wanted to do it! It was so nice to completely unwind and reconnect with each other at home. This little girl has been fussy so I took her to the doctor to check her ears which were perfect so now we are thinking she may have some tummy discomfort. She gained a whole pound last month measure up to a whole 11 pounds just a week shy of 3 months!

 The best big sister there ever was blowing bubbles for her Ollipop :)
 Look mom I'm a butterfly!
 And as it turns out, the one who was most against her is the one who seems to be the most concerned with her. He says her name, kisses her, follows her around wherever she goes and loves on her all the time. It is so unexpected and so sweet. I think they will be a team...
 Little sister finally got a roll on her tiny baby thighs!

 And I've been waiting for her to grow into this onesie! I went ahead and put it on her because by the time it fits good, she may not be brand new anymore haha. But she will always be sparkling :)
 One day after curling up in the bedroom to wrestle Olli to sleep after a bad tummy ache, this little guy comes in the room with a snack he prepared for his mama! He is such a sweet and tender boy. It melted my heart!
 On New Year's Eve, we stayed up until the crack of 9 and just hung out with each other! We danced to Jealous by Nick Jonas and my goal was to make it to Taylor Swift after the commercial break. Not only did I sleep through the ball drop, I didn't even make it to Taylor! 
Today we are doing a lot of this...settling into 2016 rested, reset, refocused and with new goals for another fantastic year as a family of 6. 
As for me, I hereby (re)declare it "the year of me"...and it can't be jinxed this time! Last year I had big plans for myself...none of which happened because OLLI MAE READING!!! (which is way better anyway). 
But for real this time, after nearly a decade of pregnancy, birthing and nursing babies, it's time!
It's weird to think that with all of the big life changes one right after the other starting in 2006...marriage, degrees, babies, jobs, career moves, more babies, Seattle, SAHM, and more babies...that we will be more settled into life for the next year and years to come. Mike I seeking out his doctorate so that will be our next big adventure. It's a beautiful life!

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