Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bitsy Mae {3 Months}

She's actually a wee bit shy of 3 months but we are heading off to ARKANSAS!!! So I had to snap her pic a few days early. We went to have her ears checked because she's been a bit fussy (for her) but her ears looked good. She may have some tummy trouble which is true to Reading baby form but nothing very serious right now. She weighed in at 11 pounds and is the smallest Reading baby by far. I had to pull out baby books to remember but all the others were at 13 pounds by 2 months and she's barely 11 at three...hence the name Bitsy :) She's giving us lots of smiles and is trying her hardest to talk and laugh. She sleeps good at night but must be worn to nap during the day. She eats to survive and is super tolerant. We can't imagine this family without her! Her sister loves her dearly and her brothers are the most concerned for her. If you can't tell, we are all obsessed...  

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