Sunday, January 31, 2016

Adventures in Arkansas!

After our first week in Van Buren, we headed up to Springdale to meet the rest of the family. On that leg of the trip, I ended up with 2 sick kids :( Milo spent his time there with a double ear-infection followed by strep, tonsillitis and another ear infection. After a round of antibiotics that didn't work followed by an antibiotic shot, he was on the mend. We still managed to have so much fun and made special memories. 
 Our first stop was to Sissy's house! We didn't get to stay long. This was the day Milo started acting funny and we'd soon find out he was not feeling well!
 So off we went to the doctor. This is Milo's "B". This kid is not one to follow so I guess he thought he'd give them their own names ;) So mom was B and Dad was Bo. It was pretty stinking cute. 
 Waiting at the doc with Olli. I thought we may as well look into her ears too. 
 That afternoon my Aunt DeLynn snuck over from work for some one on one time with lil Mae knowing there would be stiff competition with the family ;)

 I also just took hundreds of pics of Olli just because she's growing EVERY SINGLE DAY! She weighed in at a tiny 11 pounds before we left and after her first Arkansas doctor visit just a couple weeks later she was up to 12! She outgrew pjs, outfits and even some of her swaddles on this trip!
 I was super excited to see all of our family and show off my little trophy baby...but there as one visit I was especially excited for... Introducing our last little baby to her great-grandparents and her namesake. 
There was a time when I didn't think my Granny would get to meet all of my children. To me it's nothing short of a miracle. To think that God knew all along that she had many years after her diagnosis, and that Milo was coming AND that there was a surprise baby girl in our future who would take her name and we would all be here to share that moment together. Good is good.
 "Another little Mae" were her first words to her...what a beautiful moment God has given us!
 That afternoon, my cousin Blake and Kendra drove in early from Oklahoma for some special time with Olli. Our family's strength isn't baby sharing :)
Olli gave them a run for their money! I didn't want her to scare them away from babies because they only have about a year or so before Olli will be a toddler and we will need more babies to hold :) She pulled it together and then her and Kendra had a nice 2 hour long snuggle sesh on the couch...but not before she spit up down her shirt :)

 That night we snuck a visit with my brother and sister in law. We had a quick dinner and passed Olli around before we had to take our sick Milo home. 
 Photo cred: Sophie Reading!
 Olli and Aunt Tesha!
 Cute little bath baby =D

 Over the weekend my family had a get together. Olli was a hit! They all did a great job sharing ;)

If you don't know my Uncle Jeff, this picture describes him better than any words would :)
 Jared was the last baby before great-grandbabies started happening :)

Meanwhile, this little man is still not feeling well so we went BACK to the doctor. He still had a fever and Olli did too at this point. We were told it was a virus :(
 Olli's first sick doc appointment :(

 We started laying low after this to help these babies get better!
 B and her babes :) Milo wasn't too keen on sharing Nana with Olli.
 My Aunt Kim and cousin Jessica drove back over from Oklahoma on Tuesday for their one on one date :) It was a cold and cloudy day so we stayed in with the sick babies. We sat on the couch and talked for seven hours! It was simply divine.

 Big smiles and THOSE LASHES!!!

 Still rocking the man bun until mama gets the courage to take him to get his hair cut!

 Once the babies started feeling better (or so we thought) we headed back to Uncle David and Aunt Tesha's house. Milo let Uncle David into the circle of trust. David and Mike sound so much alike. Its funny to watch Milo look at him so confused haha.

 Cute little picture...
 right before Milo tried to hit his Aunt Tesha in the head with his car! That's actually considered a love pat from him :)
Another super exciting thing that happened was that my other sister and brother in law just happened to be in town for the Razorback basketball game from Texas! We were supposed to do lunch this day, but Milo STILL had a fever and I didn't feel like I was setting myself up for success by pushing it so we went to their hotel that morning and just got to sit and talk for a while which I'm positive was better than the time we would have spent wrestling Milo at a restaurant :)
Uncle Andrew also made it into the circle of trust :)

Right after we left the hotel we went BACK to the doctor for the 3rd time because Milo still had a fever and clearly did not feel well at all. He ended up testing positive for strep so I had my mom bring the little Mae up to get tested just in case. She was in the clear. Whew! So Milo got the antibiotic shot and we crossed our fingers. 
Little by little he started showing signs of improvement and started eating again.
Morgan wasn't able to come on the family weekend so she made a special trip up the next weekend just to see her tiniest flower girl!
Olli and Josh getting acquainted. I'm pretty sure her face reads "don't drop me" and his reads "just don't drop her" haha
I was also stoked to be in town on the same weekend as my cousins baby shower!!! The next time we are here, her little Sullivan James will be about Olli's age right now!
After meeting the mama to be, Olli got to go spend the afternoon with cousin Morgan while Mommy helped at the baby shower!
My mama. Isn't she beautiful?

This is where we said our goodbyes to B and headed back down to Mimi and Pops for our final few days. 
Kicking back on the drive...
Meanwhile, Mike sends me a picture of this little heartbreaker and I start to miss my other babes terribly!
The last few days were spend sleeping, napping, resting, lounging and playing. Pops and I got brave and took Milo to have his hair cut because their friend graciously agreed to meet us there when no one else was there so we didn't alarm the people :) No pics though because I had to hold him on my lap and Pops had to hold his head!

On our last morning, Milo and Pops played with the cows, Mimi and Olli had their final cuddles and Mama packed and pumped herself up for the journey ahead.

It was not easy but I have to say for a sick little 2 year old on a 7 hour journey sitting still for most of the time...he did well. We didn't spill any beverages on anyone this time but of course the kids who never takes his shoes off all the sudden wanted to be barefoot on the nasty plane and was mad that he couldn't get his last sock off and madder that I offered to help. At that point, we all were delirious! The trip was worth it though. 

And just like that we were home and can you guess???
Yep. back to the doctor with this little one. 
We had a celebratory dinner at Red Robin (the kids favorite) after some mid year shoe shopping for new tennis shoes because our kids won't stop growing! Mike and I also learned a valuable lesson this day...GONE are the days where we can sneak treats for the big kids without Milo noticing :) We tried to make it right by ordering another milkshake...but one with a lid and no whip cream which was OH. SO. WRONG. So we ordered a fourth milkshake just like his bigs had and mama got a shake out of it ;) You would have too if you had seen that face :(
Other that that, our first week home has been spent with friends and lots of couch cuddles. We always miss our family but are so happy to be together again. 

This morning we were back at church and I just couldn't decide if Olli was wearing enough bows, pink and ruffles haha...
What do you think?
I don't think its even possible :)

Then End :) Happy February!