Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tis the Season

You guys. Christmas is here. It's my absolute most favorite time of year. It's magical to me. But this Christmas season is unlike any other...because we just had our 4th baby. My post-partum adrenaline high has left the building and here I am in the midst of a busy season and 3 kids plus a newborn. This is the new rule I live by each day... 
 I'm loving every minute but sometimes I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into! But there's no turning back and I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel so complete, so blessed, so happy and so tired :-)
Milo sporting his matching hat from his bestie J! 
This baby is still so happy to be anywhere. She will lay in her crib, in her swing, on the floor...but her favorite spot is right here. It's mine too. This is the day she turned 2 months old. I had to wait until the next day to take her picture because her shots really hurt her feelings :-( She needed lots of lovin for the rest of the day.
She measure "up" to be quite tiny! This wee one was 10 lbs and 20 inches...15th percentile. So dainty!

Here is your first Christmas tree! You're off to a great start!

Sister love and mama's girls!
Last weekend we also celebrated on of my favorite's birthday! Miss Mac Meckly turned the big 2-6 and we partied with an evening holiday cocktail party. 

Because she is so stinkin crafty, she hand painted boxes that held a pickle ornament inside for her party people. I was so touched! The pickle in the tree is one of my family's traditions and I as so excited to have one. Especially since we won't see any family this touching!

Ollipop joined us of course. she had her ruffle but party pants on and a blinged out paci that we lost when we got there :)
Isn't she lovely?
Gingerbread house beverage decor...

Saturday was another fun filled festive day at Icon for a Santa brunch!!! The kids got to decorate Christmas cookies, carol and visit with Santa!

One of the sad parts of today is that Ella realized that not every Santa is the "real" Santa. When this guy walked out, she ran to us in tears screaming, "THAT'S NOT HIM! THAT'S. NOT. HIIIIIIIIM!!!!!" I was sad for her but she pulled it together and summoned all her Christmas spirit to have fun anyway. 

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

This guy keeping a close eye on the big guy in the red suit...

Ella still put her hope in this Santa to deliver her message. She waited hopefully and patiently for her turn. It was so sweet but broke my heart at the same time. 

Milo was curious enough to sit beside him with Daddy...

Then, we all witnessed a Christmas miracle...

We brunched right in front of Santa. There was no line. Milo just observed him and got to leisurely make his way to him on his own terms. I couldn't believe it!

 too much attention. he's outta there.
 Santa opening Luca's candy cane for him...

On Sunday morning, I had a super proud mommy moment. Ella truly has a heart of gold. She made some ornaments on a play date and saved her cookies from brunch the day before. She wanted to take them to church to give away to people and take donations for Syrian refugees. She made a sign that said, "donate to the pore Syria". It was so cute. I have to admit I've been so busy that I didn't support her idea as much as I could have because I've been busy with the hustle and bustle of Christmas. She did it all on her own. But it was a special moment to me when I realized she had made $110! It brought me back to the true meaning of Christmas through the heart of my own child. Dream big little one.

 I volunteered in Ella's room this week to make gingerbread houses. SO FUN!!

I mean seriously...not only are my hubby and daughter the cutest duo I've ever seen...the unicorn also dances. Magical!

Our Meckleys left us. They had to go back to SoCal. We are crying, mourning and absolutely devastated. They were our people. This was our last night for Jack + Olli = Jolli. I don't know what else to say other than the fact that I know we'll be lifelong friends and hopefully be together again someday soon!
Justin left Luca his bowties. The morning after they left, Luca woke up and chose this one to wear. Even though we know that we will be lifelong friends with these peeps, it's still so sad to see them go. Friends like them are rare. Very very rare. 
 Then there's this girl making our Christmas all magical and such with that sweet little grin. Life is very very good guys. Very good.
Merry Christmas...from us!

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