Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our Happy Camper is 2!

Our mighty man turned 2 on November 30th!!! 2 really looks good on this kid ;) This year, we celebrated at home with our closest friends with a lumberjack/camp out theme! The weather cooperated and it was the perfect gray, cold, rainy day to snuggle inside with all of our peeps and celebrate Milo's birthday.

 Party favors were woodland animal ornaments...
and "Color Me a Happy Camper" coloring books!

 My favorite part was the adorable vintage thermoses I found on Etsy!!!
 mmmmm...homemade chili to keep us warm!

 Our Happy Camper was a beast all morning slamming doors and screaming. He just had to get it out of his system before party time. After all, it was definitely a party for a 2 year old ;-)
 Our best attempt to get his picture :)

 Party Time!!!

 Mai Tai's favorite guy!!!

 Happy birthday dear Milo...happy birthday to YOU!!!
 He wasn't sure what to think with everyone singing to him :)

 After he blew out his candle, Daddy took him to put him in his highchair but he was worried he wasn't getting any of that cake. As he does, he rubbed his belly in the most adorable way and said, "PEEEEEASE!!!"

 It's so hard to believe that just a year ago, this child wouldn't hardly eat anything but breastmilk and Thanksgiving turkey haha.

 It was a sweet day celebrating with our Seattle family. These people have loved Milo and us very very well. It was a simple day which is just how Milo prefers it. 
 One of Milo's favorite toys at his play group is the cozy coup car. There are so many toys at this place that even I've never seen! I mean, you can paint the walls for crying out loud! But never mind all that fuss...THIS is what Milo spends all his time doing when he's there. So really there was no question what to get for him.
 The look on his face when Daddy rolled it around the corner was priceless. It was his "I'm so excited but I don't want anyone to see" face. 
 He got right in his car and hasn't come out since!

 Milo's bestie and hair twink...
 Happy birthday Milo!

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