Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holly Jolly Christmas

This sweetness is adding so much joy to our Christmas season. I'm especially thankful for this baby's first Christmas since this is the first one that we won't have any family with us. We are going to hunker down and celebrate our first Christmas as a six pack. 
The last day of school wrapped up with pj parties and read-a-thons :)

Mike and I snuck out for a Christmas party with our peeps!

It's been really cold outside and Pippa has been so sweet to keep Ollipop warm and cozy.
Olli is the most peaceful, chilled, laid back baby I've ever seen. She is just an angel. Nothing excites her and nothing rials her up. I mean, look at this face...

She's a little skeptical of her woombie (aka baby straight jacket) at first...but then goes right to sleep!
Speaking of sleep, she's already sleeping through the night...on a regular basis! She's perfect. I mean, I know someday she'll talk back, throw fits and protest sleep, highbrows, food and boundaries. But for now, she's basically perfect :-)
It's hard with a newbie at home but we've been doing our best to get out for Christmas cheer with our crew. This week we went to see the zoo lights! It was beautiful and kind of creepy knowing we were surrounded by tons of wild animals that we couldn't see but were definitely awake!
But what to do when you accidentally show up an hour early with six kids???
When you're in Seattle you can walk 2 feet either direction and find a coffee shop :-)

We warmed up with beverages and sweet treats and then made our way back!

And my favorite part of the evening was this guy right here...
Ella saw him and was BEAMING..."mom, it's the real one! He's really here!" I don't know if you read my post a couple days back but she was devastated when she saw that the Santa at our brunch had black hair under his obvious wig. She cried and cried and it was the first time she realized that there could be a fake Santa ;-( I told her that he would deliver a message and she pulled it together to go visit him (but was a little hesitant to sit on this imposters lap haha). But she was super excited to see this guy. It was so nice to see the Christmas joy in her eyes because after the brunch, I realized that these days will not last forever and her years are numbered when it comes to Santa. Man that went by fast. Milo, however, was not as thrilled this time. HA!

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