Thursday, December 3, 2015

Friendsgiving 2015

Last year on Thanksgiving, we planned to fly home to be with family for the following year. But that was before we knew about this little bundle...
 A couple of months after Thanksgiving we found out that we would be welcoming a new baby soon before Thanksgiving so traveling wasn't going to be an option!
 So...even though we really wanted to be with our families this year, we couldn't be sad because there is so much to be thankful for. This baby girl has brought us all so much joy! Ella is loving her sissy...
 Here is the little miss wearing her big sissy's dress that was a gift to Ella from Aunt Kim! They both look like little doll babies in it!
 We settled in and put our Christmas tree up but we waited (so painful for me...probably won't happen again) to decorate the rest of the house because we were having FRIENDSgiving!!! Olli loves to just stare at the lights...
 Olli's first Thanksgiving!
 Thanksgiving day was a good one. We woke up and got ready. The kids and I watched the parade while Mike went out to begin frying the turkey. One by one our framily showed up...our closest friends who are our family here. Mike made the feast and everyone brought their specialties. I made activities for the kids!
 We got pics of the kids, but once the adults sat down, the rest was history! I don't know if we were too busy gobbling up our food, talking, telling stories, playing our Thanksgiving question game or all of the above. But sadly no more pics were taken!
 My favorite part of the evening was playing our Thanksgiving family dinner question game where we each had to say why we were thankful for the person on our right. It just feels really good to have people here that are so dear to our hearts. 
Becky brought poppers for the kids which were a big hit! The Mecklys brought the wolf king who hung out with Ollipop. The grown-ups played games while the kids went to play. The Wilsons had another stop to make so we finished off the night just sitting on the couch in all of our Thankfulness chatting it up with the Mecks. Gosh we love those people!
 Olli is so Thankful that she's trying her hardest to smile!
 The very next day we finished decorating for Christmas! With a newborn and a Milo, I decided to no put it all out this bestie Anne thinks it's hilarious that I call a tree in each room "toning it down" haha! But...we had to put the kids trees up! 

The boys are sharing tree this year. Luca's side is the left and Milo's side is the right.
 Ella's tree...
Olli's tree!
 The rest of the weekend was spent napping and staying warm and cozy in our little house. 
 Girl time watching shows cuddled up in mama's bed. 
"Mom lets take a selfie!"
 My baby doll all fancied up for church!
 She cracks me up. I wake up in the morning and she's just hanging out with her eyes wide open patiently waiting on mama to rise and shine!

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