Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

I really do think Seattle is picture perfect...especially in the fall. I mean, this is what I look at at the end of my driveway in my ally. Beautiful!

Halloween was so fun this year! It always is, but with a new baby and fun friends, it was super special. Here I was worried that Olli would be late and "what if" she wasn't here on Halloween. I was 99.9% sure she would be, but theres always the .1% that a neurotic pregnant lady can find to worry about ;) I only expected her to be a few days old though so I didn't think much of a costume. Then when she came early, I tried my hardest (i.e. wrote it on the to do list everyday) but I just didn't have time to whip that costume up in time ;) My my talented, beautiful, dear friend Mac (who is an AMAZING) artist, gifted us on of her beautiful pieces created by her...a GORGEOUS butterfly blanket!!! She created the butterfly in a watercolor painting. Every baby should have one of these...they are unique and timeless. Mac blows me away with her talent and I'm so thankful to have one of her pieces! AND Olli got to be a butterfly for Halloween since Mommy couldn't put her down to make a costume :-)

 Milo was a superhero...not a character, just an old classic superhero! The spandex on his chubby little legs were my favorite part!!!

He wouldn't actually wear his mask, we got him to put it around his neck for a minute :)
And he's off to save the day!

Milo wasn't too keen on going up to peoples houses either...even when he knew candy was involved! He went to one and that was all. He had a blast running wild and free all over the neighborhood though with his pal Justin...

And here is the Jack the wolf king and his crafty mama Mac that just whipped this up the day of! How cute?!? While the boys took the kids trick or treating in the cold rain, the mamas stayed in with the tiny babes.

 I only got 1 picture of Luca because he was dressed and out the door to the church parking lot for trunk-or-treat before I knew it. I called him over just to get this one pic and then he was gone again until they came in for the evening! Iron Man!!!

 Ella was a mermaid...of course! She is truly a mermaid at heart at this age! She wanted to be a mermaid with pink hair :-) She made her own staff too!

And thats a wrap for this year!

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