Sunday, November 15, 2015


This will be a random post of a photo dump...but hey, mama's blogging! And of course I don't have a favorite kid, but it is mostly Olli haha. SHE'S JUST SO NEW AND AMAZING AND DIFFERENT EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I'm feeling more like myself and like I've made it through the crazy mom postpartum stage that's oh so fun. We survived it yet again!

Playdate fun with Sadie...

Ella is still really into fashion designing. She's wanting a blog to post her designs and write about them. I promised her that's the first thing on my list to do when life eases up a bit. For now, I told her I'd post one on my blog :)  

This lovely number is...the cupid =D
{and her website she wants hahaha}
 Playdate fun with the Skeel girls...

 And I can't believe it but our sweet Ollipop turned {ONE} month old!!! She's still just the calmest baby. She doesn't even cry when she's cold in the tub. When she does cry it's the sweetest little raspy squeak. She's sleeping like a champ and taking 4-6 hour stretches at night. She's just a doll. Our Olli Dolly...but for real, the kids do treat her like a doll haha.

 Holding Daddy's hand...

 And then there's this guy who is just the cutest little hot mess. He is something else this one!

 Hello world! Olli is really starting to take in her surroundings. Mommy is having to relearn (for the 4th time) to slow down and lower expectations of what will happen and/or get accomplished in the day. This.....
 This is the new norm again and what I consider a day well spent.

 Itty Olli looking like her biggest bro here...

 Looking all pretty for church! This was our 2nd Sunday to make it!
 And then there's Dave Matthews! We went to giddyup for burgers after church and this guy was there! I didn't even know he lived in Seattle. Super fun! He saw Olli in the wrap and said, "oh, she's brand new!" Can't wait to add that to the baby book ;)

Olli, meet Dave...Dave, Olli...

To my Ollipop:

"Sweet like candy to my soul, 
sweet you rock and 
sweet you roll."

-Dave Matthews

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