Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bitty Baby {week 4}

Olli Mae entered her 4th week of life like a champ! She is getting better at getting her thumb in her mouth. Girlfriend is determined to do so!!! She's sleeping good and having good stretches at night. She's nursing well and open to bottles too. She's still super teeny and sporting newborn clothes and diapers at a whopping 8 pounds. We are getting a few quick smiles here and there too! It's like she's always been here...she's a dream. And so delicious!
 Squishy cry face...
 Hold me mama!
 4 weeks old today! 4 weeks ago, to the day, I was supposed to get my hair done at 10:30. Instead, I went into labor and to the hospital at 10:30  to have a baby :) Today, we celebrated her 4th week and mommy finally went to get her hair done! It was our first time to be apart and we both did great!
 Morning snuggles with Daddy and trying really hard to stay awake and hold her head up!

 This one cracks me up...

 Nailed it!
 And this moment happened this morning and it melted my heart. Milo + Olli bonding time...all his idea!

 Then big brother joined in. Luca is so sweet about babies. Multiple times a day he says how much he loves babies, how much he loves Olli and how he wishes we had a lot of Ollis so we all could hold her at the same time and didn't have to take turns :)
 Then they both started closing in and it turned into a brotherly competition of who could get closer and who she would look at and who got to touch her more and all that other stuff brothers find to compete about.
 She will be well looked after :)
 She also celebrated her first Halloween in her 4th little week of life :-)

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