Friday, October 16, 2015

Welcome Ollipop!

Day 2 in the hospital...we gulped down as many of their chocolate shakes as we could. We napped, watched TV, nursed and recovered from the day before.

Hi Daddy!

 Already trying to suck her thumb!  

 Getting all checked out!
Recouping from the prior day's events!

 Getting our hospital photos taken...
 That's a Luca face...

 And that's an Ella face!

 With her hands by her face in every ultrasound, we never got to see a really good profile. This is why I was so relieved to see that she had a nose! 
 We were getting ready to go home. They gave us the option to stay another night and even though that sounded quite nice, we really couldn't wait to get home to our other babies and wake up in our home as a new family of 6. 

 We dressed Olli in the same gown that her big sister Ella wore home from the hospital. So many memories came flooding back! It was so special. They shared a gown but I bought Olli her own matching bonnet. Ella had the hat. That way they both have their own little piece of it.

 We were discharged at about 6:30 pm. Earlier that day we called the bakery to order a birthday cake for Ella and Olli. Their birthdays are 3 days apart! Ella wanted her to be born on her birthday because "its the closest thing she'll have to being a twin!" We didn't quite make it but 3 days apart isn't too bad ;) 

 We showed up at home with a new baby and a birthday cake. We sang to the girls and ate cake...that's how we spent our first hour together as a new family.

We knocked on the front door and everyone most everyone was excited! Milo looked confused, then angry, then he ran to Mike and jumped into his arms. He was so happy we were home but seemed a little upset that we up and left. Poor baby! Milo was the only one who hadn't met her yet and the time had come...

the video cuts off early but he ran into our room and slammed the door! He wasn't having it.

 Milo was just curious enough to take a peep :)

 Our first few days at home...

 The next morning, Milo decided he would sit by us...
 Then he patted her head...
 and he slowly warmed up enough to explore long as we didn't make a big deal about it. No "ooo's" or "aww's" or he was outta there!
 Then he held her for a second...
 I love this picture because you can see the wonder and curiosity in his eyes. I know once he warms up to her he will love her fiercely. That's just what Milo does.

 a mama/Olli comparison...I think we're related!
 She's still a furious sucker and sucks on anything that gets close to her mouth. I think she's going to be a thumb sucker just like sister! One step closer to Ella's dream of being a twin haha.

 Milo walks by and points at Olli. Sometimes he looks mad about it and sometimes he wants to come check her out. His face says, "hmmm...she's still here."

 look at those bright eyes...

 On third day home, Olli got to meet her new bestie Felicity!
 She also got her first bath at home...I love fresh bath baby hair!

 Mike has been a champion...literally, my hero. He has set up camp for me in our bedroom and I get to rest, bond with Olli, sleep and do what I need to do while he takes care of the house and big kids. I've had freedom to come out and join the world as I feel ready or retreat when needed. This has made such a difference in recovery and our transition home. Nana B won't get here until Tuesday! Having a baby is hard physically and emotionally it's a delicate time. Add 3 more kids to the mix and it could be really hard, but not with this guy. He has been such a servant to our family making sure the kids and I are all ok. This is truly one of the most joyful times in our lives...we are all here together.
 Other than that, we've just been fighting over who gets to hold Olli next and who held her longer. 
 My sweet girls and Ella's dream come true.

 This is the moment where Ella was singing the Lollipop song of course to her "ollipop". Olli is so lucky to have Ella!
Daddy's girls...
Olli's first week of life at home...

 Milo is still very aggressive but much more interested :)

 Although he tries his hardest not to smile too he doesn't want us to know that he really does like her ;)
 She met some of her new friends...Theo the tank and Olli the pip-squeak

 just chilling...

 definitely a thumb sucker!

 On Tuesday, her one week birthday, we got all dressed up to meet Nana B!

 Milo has started to get a little jealous sharing his Nana B :)

 With each passing day, he gets a little more affectionate, a little more gentle and a little more curious...

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