Friday, October 2, 2015

Olli's Wonderland

 When we found out it we were having a girl, I was so excited to get to do another little girl's room! I knew I wanted something whimsical, girly and dreamy. Her own little palace :) I've yet to put a room together where I buy all the matching pieces :) I love to mix and match and create something unique! Since I already have a girl, there are many things I see and love but don't go with her room and even if they did, she only has 1 bedroom and I can't do it all in there! Girls are fun and there's just too many fun things to choose from! 

 It's been so sweet to go back through Ella's special things to see what we can use for Olli as well. I didn't expect to get to use these things ever again so I've had them carefully and lovingly packed away. Such sweet memories and joy flooded my soul pulling them out again!

Our oh so comfy and cute swivel glider that we got with Ella officially bit the dust. Mike literally rocked the base off 3 times. This time, the metal completely busted during his rocking sessions with Milo and it was beyond repair :( Mike is and has always been addicted to rocking haha. Luckily we had a friend cleaning out her baby gear and we were blessed with this glider that actually glides! 

 Of course it's not all completely finished...but I've realized it never is until that little babe arrives and accumulates their own things which makes it even more special!
Still "need" a lamp here...I've got my eye on one...just waiting for the perfect sale!

 I wanted to wallpaper the wall, but settled for the bookshelf for now. I love the way it turned out and actually prefer it this way!
 And since Milo wasn't ready to transition to his bed when my mom and I tried, we moved the crib downstairs and will be buying one for Olli. I really wanted all of my babies to sleep in the same crib, but bless his little heart, Milo still needs it and that is ok :) That is pretty much my last little item to be fully prepped for our baby girl!
And Olli needs to get here before I break one more thing! From 3 crushed car side mirrors to our window unit...this pregnancy brain is getting the best of me! Something didn't quite register when I opened the window to talk to Ella outside...oops!

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