Thursday, October 22, 2015

Olli Girl {Week 2}

Milo is more and more excited every day about this little doll that lives with us now. He doesn't try to hide his smile (as much) and he  asks to hold her a lot more. When he holds her, it's usually a fight to get her back. If I don't play my cards carefully, he will hold on to her for dear life in a bit of a squeeze fest. There is much less pointing and scowling and many more love pats and smiles.

Meeting another bestie...the wolf king! Olli and Jack Kingston have so many adventures ahead of them together!
 Her second week of life looked a lot like the first...just like this except we tried to stay more in the living room instead of the bed :)
 Olli Pippa bonding time. Love. 

 Nana B arrived on the scene on the day she turned 1 week old! She was with us for the week and did an incredible job of bonding with Olli, helping Mike and loving all the big's not an easy task to juggle it all at once!
 Looking back to find me when she heard Mommy's Olli girl!!!
 She's not awake much but when she is she has the brightest eyes!
 kissy lips

 absolute perfection
 growing right before my eyes!

 Itty Olli
 She turned 2 weeks old on her due date! We had to get all gussied up to celebrate and go to the doctor for our well check!
 Our bitty baby measured up at 19.5", 15th percentile...and 7 lbs 10 oz, 40th percentile. 
 This was also the day she cracked her first smile :) Be still my heart!

She's becoming a little more alert every single day. She's just a doll. I'm thankful she was early because every extra day with her has been such a gift!
 And of course now that we've named her Olli Mae, we will see all kinds of stuff pop up. So far we've found a trendy online clothing boutique and Aunt Kim found her own line of antiques and decor! Such a trend setter ;)

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