Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ella's {Mermaid Gymnastics} 8th Bday Party!

I can't believe this little pumpkin, our baby Ella, is turning 8...

{Mermaid at heart}
This year, Ella Bella requested a mermaid gymnastics party :-) Gymnastics is her sport of choice these days and she's obsessed with all things mermaid! Her mermaid club that she started in kindergarten at recess is STILL up and running!
 So we booked the gym and I did as much as I could possibly do 9 months pregnant to give it the most mermaid flare I possibly could!
We had a mermaid cake stand with macaroon oyster cupcakes :-)
The menu included:
PB & Jellyfish
Fishie Crackers
Salt Water Taffy
Ocean Water
and, of course...dingle hoppers!

It's not a mermaid party without dingle hoppers. We didn't really need them for the food but I figured they could also brush their hair with them too ;)
And we also threw in some ribbon dancers for a special Under the Sea rhythmic gymnastics routine...

 The kids spent the first hour for some gym time! It was so fun to have the entire gym all to ourselves1

 Cheerleaders on the sidelines :) Although I did sneak in some discreet bounces on the trampoline as I walked out to take some pictures...just trying to help little Olli along ;)

 Then we went into the party room to celebrate Ella!

The kids ate and then we made some sand art! We had dolphin, sun and fish bottles with plenty of sand!

Ella opened her presents while people finished their sand art...
and then the party was over! We had about 15 super excited 2nd graders. It was fun to see Ella with all her people since I'm not at school with her everyday. She's made some sweet little friends and she was so loved and celebrated today...
 Just a little side story: before we could party today, we had to go check on a few little things with little miss Olli! We checked movement and fluid levels. All turned out well and we also discovered that I'm FOUR centimeters dilated and her head is at -1 basically really really low! Ella wants her to be born on her birthday because it's the closest thing she'll ever have to being a twin :-) Who knows...she just may!
37 weeks + 4 days... ready to party mermaid style!
(no gymnastics for me this time though haha)

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