Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hospital Photos

Little Miss Olli Mae's hospital pictures at a wee little 1 day old...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Photo Dump

Soccer is still in season!

 Enjoying Halloween treats from Nana B!
 Best friends taking our Ella for an all day Saturday playdate and sleepover while we get settled with itty Olli at home! They took her to a surprise birthday lunch at Red Robbin and then to see Hotel Transylvania 2. How precious are these girls?
 Happy girl!
Carving pumpkins on her playdate!
Luca carved his pumpkin at home. I sent daddy to the store to get a carving knife and he came back with a carving DRILL! Like and electric knife. Just what we need to add to our list of adventures with Luca haha.

Ella earned special points for good behavior in class and she spent them to read to Luca's class :-) There he is, front row, as close as he could get to her! Proud bubby! 
When mom was here after Olli's birth, we managed to squeeze in some Halloween fun of course! Mummy dog dinner and festive fruits and veggies!
 Olli and Mommy's friends have all been making stops by to meet her! It feels as though I've been pregnant since we moved to Seattle...
 Justin, Wolf's Daddy, has become one of Milo's FAV-OR-ITE peeps. It's pretty cute. He's the guy we called to take on Mighty Milo when Olli was being born! 
We are actually doing him a favor in giving him a crash course in spunky boys! 
Olli + Wolf
How cute are they?
This year, Daddy took the big kids to the fall carnival while I stayed home with the babies. Mermaid Ella and Olli!

 On our first big outing with all four kids, we went to Luca's soccer game! It was the second to last game of the season and next week is supposed to be cold and rainy so we all rolled out to root on our big brother! Never mind the fact that we only made it to the van with 3 kids...haha. We remembered her of course but thought to ourselves that we might have to start doing a role call when we go anywhere!

Milo helped me keep Ollipop warm :)
 our little pumpkin
 We had the entire gang over to the house to greet the Stocktons when they got in town. It was the first time that we had all been together since everyone's birth! We all were pregnant at the same time and doubled in kiddie numbers in less than a year! Half of them are mine =O 
 The Wilsons taking my big kids out for lunch after thankful for friends helping us keep our big kids busy, having fun and feeling special. 
 My first solo outing by myself with the babies was to Swansons. I was meeting some friends there in hopes of a few fun fall pictures and good times just roaming the nursery. 
 Mighty Milo was a teething beast and cried and ran from me the whole time. It was my first time to juggle my mighty tot with a tiny baby! When the major meltdown started, we just ran to the car and left. Maybe it was a little too soon for all of us :) I got home as fast as I could!
 I didn't get any pictures at Swansons so I had to snap one of Olli (sporting one of my favorite outfits of Ella's) at home with our own little props since we have another little October girl!

Bitsy Mae {Week 3}

Mommy is starting to share the baby more :)

 This is Olli's "I'm bummed because my mommy is searching my sister's baby doll tub to find clothes to fit me because she remembered to buy everything (and then some) except for newborn clothes!"
Poor baby haha!

 hi mommy!

 sisters bonding!

 Seriously gorgeous...

 bath baby!
 Olli also got to meet her Stockton friends from Colorado this week!!!
 She just turned 3 weeks on Tuesday and she's still just the tiniest little itty bit. She's still a rockstar sleeper and eater. She's starting to become more alert when she's awake. We all are loving our new little baby doll!