Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bye Felicia

A solid 3 weeks ago I blogged a post with a title that jinxed me..."Summer days drifting away". We were enjoying the last of summer, ready for school to start, soaking in the laziest days, filled with anticipation and excitement and then boom...teacher strike. I'll never be the same. Okay, okay I'm being a little dramatic, but really, it was hard. I know there are bigger issues at hand here and I support the teacher's decision, but it's my blog so I'm going to take about ME haha. Extremely pregnant mom of 3 on extended summer break with antsy kids who are sick of each other and NEED SOCIAL AND ACADEMIC STIMULATION with a depleted summer fun budget and a baby sister on the way and NO A/C WITH YET ANOTHER RANDOM HEAT WAVE...I could go on. But lets just say it wasn't pretty. It's like when you turn on your street and all of the sudden realize how bad you have to pee. I had held on for dear life and mentally prepped myself for September 9th. After September 9th, I broke down and turned into the crazy, desperate, hormonal pregnant mom who needed. a break. And I'm not being negative here. I'm being honest. Anyone who is 8 months pregnant and sick and is home for and extended amount of time with 3 precious babes ranging in age from 1-7 during an abnormally hot summer in a city with minimal air-conditioning who smiles the whole time and doesn't admit it was difficult and sometimes too much just cannot be trusted. She's a liar!

But with a lot of support from the husby and friends, we survived and had the most celebratory first day of school. We all were beaming! I haven't been that dressed, chipper and bubbly at that hour of the morning in at least 8 months :) But before the strike, we went to the Whittier Wildcat Welcome to meet Luca's Kindergarten teacher...Ms. O'Leary! At first he was a little nervous...
 But then he gave her a big hug and she didn't bite and so he was all smiles :)
 We found his desk and went on a scavenger hunt in his room. He got his special envelope to ready on the night before kindergarten...spoiler alert, this ended up not being the night before kindergarten...clearly I'm still not over it haha.
 We put our backpacks up, lunches in the fridge, outfits back in the closet and hunkered down for an indefinite amount of time. Kids got their mommies back on because there was just no more energy for fun outside the home unless Daddy was involved. I took up binge watching Downton Abby {busted in the background of pic :-) }. Ella is really getting excited now that Olli's birth is coming so soon. She's been playing with her babies again. She came out and said, "Now I know how you feel mom! Babies and kids everywhere! One on the front, one on the back and then a stroller of BAGS BAGS BAGS!" She's so cute and dramatic, but really I have to say that through this pregnancy, I have learned more about her empathetic little heart. She really understands things on such a deep level for her age and she feels for people. I don't know how many times she's asked what she can do to help. She's made the comment many times that, "I don't know how if feels but I'm sure it must be..." She's such a sweetie and I've been the recipient of her tender little sure is special.
 Teacher strike + heat wave = menchies multiple days in a row
 I was so thankful for little friends to take Luca and Ella on playdates...
 Soccer started!!! It's Luca's first year and he's just so darn cute! Soccer is much more his speed that t-ball. Lot's of running and not really any down moments...unless a bird or plane flies overhead and everyone in the game stops to look :) This is why I love tot soccer! This stud scored SIX goals on his first game!!! Go Luca!
 Our friends Dann and Jenny came in town from Denver. I picked them up from the airport and as I was waiting I realized I had 5 more weeks and 1 more inch behind the wheel! Wowzers! 
 We safely retrieved our friends and then got them back to Ballard. We all went to dinner. Little did I know that I would be sick from this day forward and hardly get to see them the rest of the trip :-( I took this pic as we were walking to Frelard for the best pizza EVER. It even has a kid's play area to lock them in whilst the adults binge on pizza and enjoy nice adult conversation. Luca is so into his Daddy right now. Every morning he wakes up and asks what Daddy is wearing so he knows what to put on. He wants to match :) If you ask him what his favorite color is, he'll ask Mike first to see what he says and that will be his answer. If you ask him the best part of his day, it's usually whatever he did with Daddy or whatever Daddy's answer was. These two just melt my heart! 
 Pippa and Milo...still buds. 
 The strike resumed into the following week. I was so thankful for friends like Jenny and Emily to come by, sit on my couch, bring pumpkin spice lattes and snap secret pictures of me surviving the extended summer break ;)
 On Wednesday I finally got to break the news to the kids that they were going to get to go to school! Ella had a better idea of what was going on but poor Luca was just so confused as to why I told him he was going to school and then he wasn't and why he couldn't open the letter that his teacher gave him! Well, it was finally the night before kindergarten. We opened his letter...we sprinkled his ready confetti under his pillow. It had special powers to make you sleep through your excitement. It was 6:00 and he wanted to be put to bed! We didn't argue! We put him right to bed and I really think this confetti is magic. He was out in no time. Then one by one, we tucked the rest of them in and officially declared ourselves survivors of summer break 2015.
 First day of school 2015!!!
 Our first walk to school of the year! And if you can't tell, FALL is here!!!

 Ella finally got to meet her teacher for the first time on the first day! She has Mrs. Greening this year and it's going to be a great year. She has all...I mean ALL of her girl friends in her class this year...all except one :-( She misses that one so much but she has a class full of friends from kinder and first...even friends who haven't been in her class before. This should be fun! 
Luca walked in like a boss...ready to take the place. That boy is fierce. He had no problem with us leaving and immediately sat down at his desk and started coloring. The second day, he wanted to walk in by himself! Ella was a little more nervous on the first day. She wanted me to stay. But of course, she had a wonderful day and is totally set. She'll always want us to stay as long as possible...that's just our Ella!
 After a WEEK of pregnancy sickness, Friday rolled around and I finally melted down. I had just had it. I got sick in my last trimester with Ella too, but either this is much worse or I've just forgotten. With Mike's help, I pulled myself together that morning and went and sat outside at the soccer fields to breath fresh air, let Milo roam and Mike line the soccer fields for the games this weekend. Milo was his tiny little helper :)

Then we went to the doctor to check on our baby dolly Olli! We are right at 36 belly is measuring  a week ahead, heartbeat is good, blood pressure is normal again and the doctor assured me that she feels nothing of what I'm feeling. I can take it all as long as she's healthy and happy in there! We've started making plans for the kids and packing hospital bags. This baby girl is well on her way. The kids are back in school, the weather has shifted, the air is cool, we are back in our routine, I'm in the final days of pregnancy and all is right in the world again! And summer break was nice while it lasted, but as for the extension...bye Felicia!

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