Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Aunt Kim's Seattle Visit

Aunt Kim came to Seattle to see us again! Last time she was here was right before Milo's arrival and she came to save us again while we prepare for our itty Olli's arrival. She stocked our fridge with an insane amount of freezer meals. Cooking is hard after baby and even harder when cooking is not your thing. She also got to watch Luca play soccer and spend some special time with the kids. They love her as much as I ever did! It's so special to see my children fall in love with the most special people from my childhood. We were blessed by her mere presence. She has a way of bringing joy and happiness to everyone and everything and our home feels a little more special after her being here :)
Here's our little soccer stud and his cheering squad on the sidelines!


 And since girls are so good at multi-tasking, we also had a little beauty mesh happening during the game. Ella left with beautiful hair and nails :)

It's never a complete visit with Aunt Kim without playing with hair!
 We took advantage of a sunny and crisp beautiful fall day. We made a stop for caramel apple chai, pumpkin lattes and hot cocoa and then made our way to Golden Gardens to sit on the beach! It's hard to believe this beautiful place is only 2 miles from my house. I mean, does it get any better than this??? I think not. 

That night we had treats and watched a Halloween movie. My kids were begging to watch the movie where "the play dough house that eats things" :-) So that's what we did!
 Aunt Kim took a later flight on Sunday leaving more time to play! They took a little adventure Sunday afternoon but I wasn't able to join because...
But Aunt Kim and the kids went on a nature walk down to Larsen's Bakery. They made nature bracelets along the way and gathered fall foliage to make leaf people!

Ella's "hollywood girl" :-)
 Aunt Kim's owl that I want to preserve and decorate my house with...adorable!

 kitty cat...
 All laid out in Ella's fairy garden to visit her fairies!

After the nature walk, they were able to squeeze in a few more beauty treatments. Ella and Luca opened up a salon and they got fancy with color changing nail polish and magic lipstick that turns the perfect shade depending on your complexion. 

 Late that night before taking her to the airport, we bundled up to head outside and observe the rare super/blood Harvest Moon!
 Then she read one final Halloween bedtime story and we tucked the little ones in before she took off to fly all. night. long. 
 All in all it was a very special and productive trip. I hope she sleeps for days when she gets home!!! There's no rest for the weary at the Reading roost :) This week, we are continuing our mad prep for Olli's birth. I was hoping the Harvest Moon would put me into labor. It didn't happen but we went to the doc and found that I am already 3 centimeters just a couple days shy of 37 weeks! We went to get some pumpkins at the store because Luca has been begging for his "bery own punkin" bless his heart. I like to get them at the pumpkin patch but I couldn't stand that sweet voice any longer! When we got home, I went to get them out of the found he had put it in Olli's carseat and I just smiled with such joy because I know VERY SOON we will be bringing our other little pumpkin home from the hospital!!!
I've turned the corner and have gone from "ok" to done...actually, over done. I'm just doing what I can to stay comfortable, pass time and enjoy all the sleep I'm getting these days!
I have days with major energy bursts and I basically conquer the world. Then most other days, I am good for nothing. Pippa and Milo have been excellent snuggle company while the big kids are school.
Milo became attached to this blanky a long time ago. But lately, we've noticed he rubs his little nose with the edge to sooth himself. It just melts me every time! He even comes up to rub my nose with his little blanky...such a sweet little act of baby love!
 And those cheeks. He's my only baby to have chubby buns and it's just too darn cute!!! 
 And I leave you with my throwback photo dump! I finally got our pic from mom's birthday lunch at the Space Needle!

 And Ella with all of her cute friends at a bunny party :-) Happy birthday to Sylvia!