Saturday, August 8, 2015

Super Luca!

Luca Bo turned FIVE with a super fun superhero bash with super duper friends!!! Man, waiting from his actual birthday to the day of his party was like torture for the boy. Maybe we will do that the other way around next year :) He's been counting sleeps until his party day for quite some time now. Last night, he got ready for bed early and said he wanted to go ahead and go to sleep so he could wake up for his party day :) He came decked out for bedtime in a Captain America body suit, Iron Man gloves, Ninja Turtle shell, Spider-Man mask {not pictured}, his brand new rain boots and of course, his pirate kaleidoscope that he made from another party he attended at Moonpaper Tent, his upcoming party venue!
I talked him out of the gloves, boots and ninja turtle shell for bedtime, but they all were back on as soon as he woke up. It took some mad bribing skills to get him to wear the shirt and cape I bought for him for the party! He wanted this to be his party get up! 
Last night, my friend Mac helped me construct the Captain America shield fruit tray...
 I picked up the cupcakes this morning...
 and it was party time! 
I've tried to keep it simple with the big kids the past couple years but gosh I love to party plan. It was really hard for me to relinquish control to the paid party hosts! We had the party at Moonpaper Tent...the perfect place for kids with a lot of creativity and imagination!

 party favors...
 Secret identity kits...Little boys are just superhero in disguise!
 and capes...of course!
 As the party guests arrived, they were greeted by a real life super-hero who went by the name of Krypton and they got all dressed up for an adventure. 

 Krypton was a HOOT! 
She came from a far away place and had quite a story to tell...something about flowers going missing and a mystery that she needed super power help for. She had a gold coin and each child went around the room with their super-hero name, revealed their super power and they had to tell what they saw in the middle of the big gold coin she had as clues. Luca was Superman, his super power was flying and he saw superman in the coin but then he disappeared into dots! Ella was Superfancy, her super power was making things fancy and she saw swirls in the middle of the coin :) {Notice how she exchanged her superhero attire for an extravagant dress hehe}

 Between all of the kids' input, they came up with some mystery about dots, trees, mountains and shooting ice! Then they set off on their adventure.

 Getting their magical powers with magic dust {no party is ever complete without glitter ;)}

party boy was in and out of the scene :)
 Krypton pulled out her belt that held her powers and then sent all the kids to make their own belts to go with their capes!

 craft time!

 And while the group is getting equipped with their belts, Superfancy is making jeweled accessories. 
I love this girl...

Then the super kids went off to save the day!

 Meanwhile, the grown ups were melting away in the non air-conditioned party venue fanning away with superhero masks!

It was so sweet to see the kids imaginations running wild and to watch them swept away into a fantasy land that Krypton did such a wonderful job of helping them create with their own ideas. It was the quietest birthday party I've ever had or been to! The kids were mesmerized. They describe themselves as a mystical haven for creative exploration and actualizing dreams...and they delivered. 
This little super dude had about all the heroic action he could handle for one day and had to go for a super nap ;)
Once the super kids solved the mystery and saved the day, it was cake time!!!

 Captain America fruit and...
 Singing happy birthday to Luca...
 and melting over that adorable little bashful grin!

 Make a wish buddy!
Sidenote...on his real birthday, he was blowing out his big 5 candle and we told him to make a wish. He wished for Christmas...a boy after my own heart!
 and then this guy...
He musterd up the strength to quit crying so he could eat demolish his cupcake haha. Remember on his first birthday when he wouldn't even touch it?!?
 Before we set off for gifts and faceprinting, we broke into our superhero secret identity kits...just in case they didn't want to be recognized in public :)

 My super-boy changed into a tiger!

 hello kitty!
 and a unicorn!
 It was a beautiful day celebrating one of God's greatest gifts to us,
Luca Bo Reading

Happy birthday super dude!!!

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