Friday, August 28, 2015

summer days, drifting away...

The end of summer is upon us. We are finishing strong! We all are looking forward to school, functions, routines, sports, fall and we are doing our best to soak in all the sunshine and laziness. 
 Cookout with the Wilsons!
Teatro Zin Zanni camp with Maddie! 

"Mom, I'm going for the cute nerdy look. How's this?"
 Olli is getting big and so am I! Surprisingly my midwife would like me to gain a little more weight, but I was relieved to find out Olli herself is measuring right on track-actually, 1 week ahead-and that the cord insertion is not depriving her of nutrients. That, or I'm doing a swell job consuming so many that even a small portion is enough for her to thrive haha. Anything for my girl ;)
Mighty Milo is getting chubbier by the delicious. I could just eat him up!
Mike was in NYC for 10 days and my mom came to Seattle to save us all. We had a lot of fun and also got a lot of work done! Thanks to her, the kids and I all survived and were even smiling when Daddy got home :) We worked on Olli prep, nursery, school prep, transitioning kids rooms and decorating for fall. We also had a ton of fun with special movie nights, Christmas in July August, decorating Ella's fairy garden and many crafting projects for Olli! She kept the world turning and I'm pretty sure she'll sleep for a week straight recuperating from our madness but we made the most of it all! Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction and take charge and tell you what to do. Especially when your hubbyless for 10 days with 3 kids and 8 months pregnant! Mom's are the best!
 She arrived with special school supply goodies since it's time to get ready to back to school!
 We also had a belated birthday celebration at the space needle! 

Desperate times call for desperate measures...or rather...screaming baby calls for candy when you are trying to think and shop and need a little peace and quiet. Mission accomplished. 

 Luca finished up with his summer t-ball team and Nana B got to watch!

 We had our Christmas in July celebration, except for this time it was in August :) There's never a bad month to spend a day in pjs watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, making ornaments and festive treats!

 While pulling out my hope chest to find treasures to decorate Olli's room, we came across my play wedding dress that my Aunt Kim made for me when I was a little girl! Ella is in heaven! It is so sweet to have a girl, and soon to be girls, to share these memories and moments with. 
 Nana B also prepared a special movie night for us. Charolette's Web was her favorite story when she was little :)
 There was popcorn of course. And we also had ocean water drinks complete with Swedish fish dummies swimming around!

A very special package arrived in the mail Monday! 
The kids got a package with invitations and treats from Josh and Morgan asking them to be the flower girl and ring bearer in their wedding! Olli and Milo will be the honorary flower girl and ring bearer. We are all honored to be a part of this big day and can't wait to celebrate them!

 On Nana B's last day, she got to go with us to Olli's 32 week appointment and growth scan! We were happy to see a healthy growing girl, but true to Olli form, she had her face hidden AGAIN! Her face was turned around and smushed in my back and she wasn't going to come out. She is completely keeping herself a mystery...waiting for the grand reveal on d-day! We didn't even get to see a foot because she had it all nestled in my rib cage haha. She showed us hiccups, legs and a spine. I definitely think she's going to be a cuddly girl!

Proud big bros and big sis!
 After my mom left and before Mac's mom got here, we had one last (hopefully our last) girls day before she pops! We went to our happy place, U Village, and had lunch, treats and shopped around. We got LOTS of attention and some "WOWS" with our big ole bellies and even scored a free appetizer! Gotta milk it while we can! ;)
 We are special.
 Ella made it to a sleepover last night but not before a trip to the doctor to check on a sore throat and to make sure we wouldn't be sharing anything by attending. She checked out well and she's confident it's because she carried her bible all morning and prayed for healing :) She was so funny. In the doctor's office she gave a big "thank you Jesus!" when her temp came out fine and even shared a dramatic interpretation/performance of Fight Song. Oh to see her dancing and twirling singing with all her heart and soul, "this is my FIGHT SONG, take back my LIFE SONG!" Girlfriend has got just a little bit of personality. She always has and it just keeps getting bigger!
 It looks like she had a GREAT time!!!

Meanwhile, these two are back home having bro time. Milo is not a patient baby...EVER. But I got so tickled in this moment because it was like they just got each other. A mutual understanding of sorts. Luca was determined to put Milo's pjs on for me and Milo seemed to just know that he had to play along because this would continue until Luca succeeded :) These two are the cutest together and are LOVING sharing a room :) We ended up not getting Milo in his big boy bed. He's just not ready. So we moved the crib down there and they've been playing down there together so well! A true bub club!

Now to survive enjoy our last week of summer break...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bumpdate and Reptiles

Well we are 30 weeks along with our little miss olli mae...10 weeks to go! We are on the final countdown. It still feels a little surreal but I know she will be here soon and very soon. She's definitely not as active as the others and I'm feeling like she's going to be on the small side as well. We go in for a growth scan in 2 weeks and I'm so excited to see her again! My mom will be here on Saturday for TEN WHOLE DAYS!!! We are going to put the final touches on the nursery and then I will be 80% ready :) As for pregnancy, I've been experiencing migraines and still get pukey a lot of the days. The twinges and back pain and sore ankles are just starting to set in. I am SO TIRED this pregnancy...I never got that 2nd tri burst of energy! I haven't felt the best this time around but overall I am the most relaxed this time. I really feel like I know this was always meant to be and this girl just makes me feel so complete. She's not a hard kicker, but this is definitely happening... :)
As for the reptiles. Sunday morning I showed up to a birthday party with Luca. It was a breezy 70 something, sunshine, crisp air, fried chicken and full bbq lunch, a comfy chair under a tree and ONE big kid to keep track of. Winning!
Well, I thought I was winning...until the reptile man showed up. He was busy putting his baby croc to sleep and snuggling with him...
 while I was busy keeping my eye on the cracked plastic tubs that were repaired WITH TAPE as one of them go wild making the whole cart shake with loud thumping. It was like a cruel game of guess what's in the box =0
 After the show, I breathed a sigh of relief and then he said it was time to PLAY with the animals. I thought, "ok, the lizards, the turtle and probably a tiny snake. Wrong. At this point I realized I was losing! Losing miserably. I thought to myself, "I'd rather be preaching! Lucky Mike!"

Every 5 year old boy's dream! Look at that face!
 As you can see, as the pictures go on, I began to loosen up a little. I figured if...
 1. the crocodile fell asleep on my little boy...
and 2. I allowed my little boy to hold it in the first place...
that was probably an ok thing for me to try...
and 4. if there was ever a time to get to do this it was now. Seize the day! 
Ha! Parent of the year...having your small child hold the dangerous animal before you do to make sure it's safe ;) 
And I really wanted a pic of Olli and the croc for her baby book :) What possessed me? Maybe because it was a motherly instincts took over. 
But you can see the hesitation on my face increasing when I got the pic snapped and was ready to give him back...realizing the reptile man had WALKED AWAY! Its like when you think something is on you and you want to brush your arm. I was fighting everything in my body not to throw him down and run as I patiently waited for his keeper to come back!!!
And there was only so much I could do with Luca. Who knows how many times I said, "DON'T SQUEEZE THE SNAKE!" 
I finally asked myself, "what would Daddy do"...(one of the very few times I've asked myself that in a moment of safe judgement haha)...and I just decided to let him be a boy, trust the reptile man and walk away and practice my breathing exercises for birth when I started to feel a little panicky!


 All boy. The snakes were his favorite. Oy. 

 After our reptile extravaganza, Ella and I went on a double playdate for the rest of the afternoon because her friend's mama just happens to be my friend too! It was a fun filled weekend but it was so nice to be out and about in the land of the living after feeling so yucky last week. 
 This morning, I woke up just like this and kicked of another busy week of summer fun!