Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Days

Well, for starters, I've definitely procreated myself right into the arms of a car salesman at the minivan lot :/ Some say mini-van. I'd like to think of it more of a swagin-wagon, or maybe a party bus?!?! I've earned this. Gonna embrace it. Gonna make it cool :) With regards to a fourth child OR a mini-van, never say never! This too could be you! We are indeed a fertile couple. If only our last name was mertile :) We will be taking more extreme measures to make sure we don't fill that 5th seat haha. Good times ahead in this ole vintage van of mine...complete with tape deck!
We are officially equipped to take our Ollipop home from the hospital!
{24 weeks}

We have officially settled into SUMMER. Late nights, lazy mornings, loose routines, more treats than normal, playdates, outings and...naps!!! As ready as we were to cut loose, it's hard to slow down! The first week was stressful because I felt all out of whack. But now the easy living has kicked in and I'm enjoying the good life :) Seattle has been on a hot streak which would otherwise be considered beautiful weather but it takes some of the fun out of it when you don't have a cool house to get comfortable in. We've done a lot of water activities and some days have just stayed inside in front of our trusty little window unit. As soon as it lets up, we will be headed South to the land of humidity!

 This little cutie saw a bug his room after his bath so he came upstairs like this just to tell us he was going to take care of it :)
 Mike and I were able to sneak away for a little daytime date. We landed at Golden Gardens and just talked and listened to the waves, uninterrupted. It was so peaceful. The cool breeze and warm sand felt like being tucked in a warm bed on a winter night. I also took the opportunity to tan this white belly of mine!
 One of the BEST parts of July so far as been a week long visit from our dear friends who moved to Colorado! Dann came back to Seattle for business which meant Jenny and I (plus the babes) got to spend a week together! They were even able to join us for our bachelor night. Emily brought back tiny chocolate bottles with liquor inside as a souvenir from her Germany trip. Cheers!
 I took the kiddos to see a magic show at the library. After it was over, my job was to entertain this busy bee while Ella and Luca searched for books and played computer games. I do have to say...Milo's first trip to the library went MUCH better than Luca's :-0

 We've had many cookouts at the house with all our frans. Here is Theo + Olli taking some bonding time...
 I haven't taken many belly pics this time but she's getting pretty big!
 Boo Boo watching his room being transformed to a princess palace :(
 Ella and Maddie lookin all fabulous!

 The ice-cream truck has started making his rounds! Nothing like seeing your hubby run barefoot down the block with your hobo clutch chasing the ice-cream truck!

 I snuck this girly girl away for a day for some much needed girl time. We got fancy drinks and a cake pop too of course. We went to the nail salon and got manicures and pedicures. Then per her request, we spent the day together riding around town running errands. She was so proud...she fixed her own hair for this special occasion ;)

 The 4th of July this year was just a simple, family focused, fun day with some cute gear and festivities thanks to Nana B! We hit up the mall in the morning for some sales, came home and played with our goodies that Nana B mailed us. Thank goodness for her because I was just too pregnant and tired to do much this year. We watched the fireworks on TV and out our front window. And like all responsible parents, we watched Jaws with the kids haha. We made brownies, ordered Thai and stayed cool!

 I'm learning more and more every day about the brotherly dynamic. It's interesting to say the least! It's actually very fun and adorable...but definitely uncharted territory for this only girl child ;)

Next week we are off to ARKANSAS!!!

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