Monday, July 13, 2015

So long Seattle...

We are taking off in the morning to Arkansas for a much needed break from Seattle. We need family, support, air conditioning, extra hands for the kids, thunderstorms, outdoor swimming pools, cousins, sweet tea, snow cone shacks and last but not least, manners. I wasn't sure we'd get there with everything or everyone, but I just finished up packing! I have to admit, I'm hanging by a thread. I'm tired, pregnant, grumpy and just worn out! Ok, done complaining. Here's what we've been up to...

I've been getting big projects done for Olli's nursery. I couldn't wait to put her crib sheet on because I'm OBSESSED with it. And look at that sleeping babe! He's pretty cute too :)
Nursery art sneak peak!

 Luca started t-ball and looooooves it!

 Big Daddy waiting on Ella to get her hair done looking all fly ;) We let her get a PINK highlight. Coolest parents ever and one giddy kiddo. 
Here is the before...
(still need to get the after pic because my phone died!)
I took her to the salon and her friend Maddie came with us because both little brothers play t-ball together. Oh my lanta if you could have seen those two prissing around, asking for water and chatting like grown ups they've seen on tv, legs crossed and hands out like they just had their nails done. I was beside myself. This girl is ALL girl...the teen years are either going to be super fun or super traumatic!
And here is the after! Still such a stud but looking more grown up. I'm not sure how I feel about that!
We celebrated our friend Ben at the Seattle Children's Museum...
 At one point Luca thought he was lost and couldn't find his way back to the party room and I was SO PROUD that he went and got a worker to help him! You teach your kids these things but always wonder what they'll do when they are actually in the situation. 
 Keepers for sure!
 Meanwhile Nana B and Papa Bo are prepping for the littles!!!
I've been learning so much about this boy this summer. He's not a big talker and is just having some struggles adapting to life as a toddler so we've began speech and occupational therapy. 
 I've always known he's strong willed, temperamental, timid from the get go but deeply loyal once he feels comfortable. He's super smart, quirky and beats to his own drum. He loves to laugh and to make people laugh. He doesn't really care much about what's happening around him...he does what he wants to do! 
 I've always known these things about him but learning about how his brain works and what makes him tick from a professional has been a really neat experience. I mean, he's MY could I not put that together?!? A lot of things go on on the inside but it's hard to tell what it is from the outside. 
 I'm so excited to discover more...he's pretty intriguing. And I sure do love him a lot.

"Mommy, can I pick dis?"
Oh, Luca :-)

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