Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lake Day!

For the second day of our family staycation, we headed out for a day on the lake!
 Uncle Greg and Aunt DeLynn brought their ski boat and we rented a pontoon.

happy campers!
 Ella and Luca were stoked...
Milo, not so much!
He was glued to Nana B ALL the live long day!
My little Ella who swore she wouldn't get in the lake the day before was tubing with Daddy in no time! She also went from being carefully lowered into the water to jumping in by herself off the front over and over and over. 
The tubing fun was short lived though. She didn't want to go fast so the tube ended up going face first into the water :) We forgot to tell her that the way you usually get off the tube is when you fall of haha.
This little guy is an adventurer for sure but still a little hesitant with these types of things. He got on with Daddy but decided it was a little too scary. He sat on the tube with me for a while and got back in the boat. And of course, after we left our tubing sight, he was ready to try! I really think he would have done it but we weren't in a good place. Next time buddy!
So Mike kept me company on my little raft for a while. 
What a hunk!
 So Daddy took a solo turn :)
One thing Milo did love was the wind in his face! As long as we were driving, he was happy happy happy! 
There was NO CHANCE of us getting a life jacket on him though. He literally held his breath and screamed. We tried to get him in the water but the "bath tub" was just a little to big for his taste. 

 We came into the marina for a picnic lunch. Grandpa specifically requested grilled burgers at the lake so of course that's what we did!

 Milo and his cheetos...

 Girlfriend all stylin and adorable...even at the lake!
 Oh these love love...

 Luca driving the boat with Uncle Jeff...

 Olli and I spent most of the day just like this!

At one point my internal body temperature was greater than my fear of deep water and snakes so I did get in! Ella was so proud haha.

 We docked at a place where you could get off and swim in a swimming pool. This was prime nap time for our sleepy boo.
 He fell asleep on the ride and then napped to a rocking boat and the sound of waves while Aunt Kim and I enjoyed chatting in the shady breeze and the others went swimming.
An after nap cookie snack :)
 And the rest are just party pics from a super fun family day!

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