Friday, July 31, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are back in Seattle. It feels good to be home! We are never ready to leave Arkansas, but I'm happy that I can say that Mary Ave. feels more familiar this year than it did last :) Here are some pics from our last few precious days in Arkansas!
Driving toys around the mall with Mimi...
 And when it's 80,000 degrees outside, we chisel ice blocks to get our treasure out...
(Nana B is a genius)

 And we roast s'mores INSIDE!!!


 We were sad to go home, but it was time. His face was much happier on the way to Arkansas :-(
 Now we are home and it has been a lot of THIS!!!
 We are "busy" unpacking, resting, laundering and reuniting with all our frans!
 Now that we are home and the summer activities are winding down, the countdown to glitter town is on and we are eagerly prepping for Little Miss Olli's arrival! We have 12 weeks go! Let the countdown begin!

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