Sunday, July 26, 2015

Home Sweet Arkansas

We spent the second part of our trip in Van Buren, Arkansas with Mike's half of the family! Mike's brother and sister and all their kiddos got to come which was NUTS but special. Margie wanted all the family together in one place again. It used to be so regular and frequent but as we've added kids and moved away for jobs, we have to be more intentional in planning to make that happen. She got her wish and it was a great time! It was funny to think back to when none of us had kids...and even funnier to look back and remember how cRaZy we thought it was when there were just a few ;) As you can imagine in a house of 8 adults and 8 1/2 kids (kind of like a scene from the beginning of Home Alone) it was busy. I was busy with the busy so didn't get to capture a lot of our moments, but they are in our memories forever! Here are a few...

{Pops and Milo snuggling}
Mimi and Ella watching chick flicks :-)
Pops showing Ella her name and baptism date in his bible...
Rub a dub dub, baby boys in the tub!
These kiddos run wild outside all day every the end of the day, baths are NON-NEGOTIABLE!

We got lucky though. My nephew Jonah though it would be funny to kick the skunk sitting on the back porch. My little Luca was following right along. That's gross...but what's worse is that the skunk was out in broad daylight, so more than likely, rabid. All of the sudden I hear Mike in a panicked and demanding yell to step away and get inside. Once he got louder and repeated himself a few times I could tell that whoever was in trouble was not listening! I didn't know what was going on so in my paranoid mind I pictured the kids cornered by snakes or something haha. Nope. Just two boys willingly walking up to a skunk. Luca discovered fireflies this trip...and skunks! He had never seen a skunk before! Things were getting a little too hillbilly up in here so I had to take a picture of the boys redneckin' it ;) The kids finally retreated, safely and "unscented". What might have been... =0
Aunt Tesha also made it into Milo's circle of trust :)
The heat index has been over 100 degrees every. single. day. This day in particular, 107!!! I've gained a better appreciation for Seattle weather but still have mad respect for the invention of central air...

On Saturday night, we took a quick trip back to NW Arkansas because MY COUSIN MORGAN GOT ENGAGED!!! There was a surprise family gathering that night so OF COURSE we couldn't miss it. I was so thrilled that I was able to be here for that. I get perturbed to miss even the little things like birthday parties so to make an engagement made my week. I love this couple and think they are two of the greatest. I'm excited for the year of planning ahead and the next family wedding!

Today we are back in Van Buren and soaking up the last few days in Arkansas. Our trip is winding down. We visited Mike's hometown church this morning, went to lunch, and then sent off the last of the cousins. It's just us now and I think I'll go see a movie with my mother-in-law in a bit. We aren't dreading going back. Seattle is our home now and we do love it. But at the same time, we aren't jumping to get back either! This is our home too and the time that passes in between visits is hard! We miss our peeps. However, I guess it's a good thing though to be able to say we are happy to be here and happy to be there. Can't complain about that. Life is good. 

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