Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy Birthday! {to us}

On Sunday, we all went to church together. One of my many favorite things from my childhood was when my family was all together at church. We took up a while pew. I still remember the sound of everyone's voices singing, especially my Grandpa's big deep voice at the end. This is the first time in quite some time that we've all been at church together! We definitely take up two whole pews now!
 Ella is proudly sporting one of the dresses from our shopping venture with the girls. She found it and fell in love. And then when Morgan said she had one like it, well, it was sold ;) Mike lovingly pointed out that I have been superseded and replaced haha. Morgan used to be my little side-kick. Now my daughter is hers. Morgan reassured me though that if I ever need to remember how cool I am, I can look in her "scarpbook" that she made which is full of pictures of me hahahaha.
After church we met at my Mom and Dad's house...same place we'd meet to eat after church when it was my Granny and Grandpas! We took an updated {family photo}.
Since we can't all be together on birthdays anymore, we celebrated everyone's birthday with a big family birthday party!
Here's to us!

 We are special.
 We just hung out, ate, played music, ate, visited, laughed and ate some more!
 That evening we headed out to spend the night with David and Tesha! Our kids were at Mimi Camp and Milo stayed with my mom and dad. We grilled out, talked, watched TV...just like we used to when we were newly weds and neighbors at our Porter Place townhouse!
 Through our reminiscing, we realized that this was probably the first time we'd been alone together hanging out like the "good ole days" since they had Jonah in 2006! Those were special times for sure!
 Meanwhile, Mike and I enjoyed our first night away from Milo and Mimi and Pops were wrestling all the big kids at Mimi Camp! This year's theme was "super cousins". It was also Luca's first year to join! He was so excited. E & L have been talking about this since Mimi camp last summer :)

{wishful thinking}
 These kids played hard...
 and crashed hard!
 One thing is for sure, memories were made and the kids had a blast. And Mimi and Pops survived yet again :)

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