Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family Staycation

We tried really hard to find a cabin or any type of lake accommodation to fit our ever growing clan, but they were all booked. We knew we wanted to spend some quality time together so we opted for a stay-cation instead! On the first day, we met up at Granny and Grandpa's and made a fantastic breakfast. I say "we" as in my Granny, Mom and Aunts. I did us all a favor and stay out of the kitchen ;) After breakfast we split up into girls + Milo and boys.  
The girls went to lunch off old stomping grounds! We hit up our boutiques and enjoyed a day of shopping. 
Milo shopping for books...

 I took the "when in Rome" approach to my boutique shopping and just went wild. I mean, it was now or not until our next visit! I just don't have these "opportunities" in Seattle ;) After our shopping extravaganza, half of us went home with Milo to nap and Ella went with Morgan, Kendra and Aunt DeLynn to the nail salon!
E totally thinks she's as big as these girls ;) She was soooo cute shopping around with us and was beaming when she got to leave Mommy and go with them. We all enjoyed shopping with her and for her and she scored some pretty cute things! It was the ultimate girls day for this little miss...and for me too. 

The boy's fishing trip was eventful for some and the rest were there for the experience ;) This was Luca's first time fishing out on the lake and he too was wild with excitement to be with the big boys and to be fishing. Mike spent his entire time trying to keep Luca alive and retrieve the things Luca dropped out of the boat. The only casualty was a nice fishing pole...oops :/ 
The cost of a fishing pole...50 dollars (I think). The look of pride and joy on this boy's face...priceless!

When the boys got home from their fishing trip, they cooled off and then began to fry the crappie they caught that day. 
It's not a Hughes family gathering without homemade chocolate ice-cream!
Wrestling...Milo's love language :)
Grandpa giving Milo his fishing hat...
He knew how cute he looked in it!

 After the fish fry, it was time for FAMILY OLYMPICS 2015!!!
 One of us pregnant, some of us with small children, some of us are older than the we split by family and then evened the playing field and came up with our team flag. 

Our team was Readings and the Giant Josh...a play of of James and the Giant Peach :) The kids lovingly came up with this name because Josh joined our family team and the kids consider him a giant-which he basically is. The other two teams were the Oklahoma Twisters and Hog Wild Hughes. 
 Luca the torch runner...
 passing the torch!
Granny and Grandpa were the judges :-)
And Dad, the photographer...
 The first of many events was the hula-hoop competition, which my mom rocked! Me? Not so much! HA!
 The next was a paper airplane competition which I thought I had in the bag with my first grade teaching background. 
Things were not going as planned so on our last airplane, we crumbled it up to throw it because we needed weight. We were immediately disqualified! Mike and Josh were accused of cheating many a times and I cannot confirm or deny that! No comment. 
Mike giving a little pep talk!
 And yet again, my first grade teacher skills came into use. Playground fun pays off! I dominated the rock-paper-scissors division. I beat every family member but one!

 One of the events included shower caps, shaving cream and cheese puffs. Luca was more than willing to volunteer to lead this team event!

 And luckily, since I'm pregnant, I'm protected from these ornery uncle attacks! At least until October! Until then, Morgan will pay her dues ;)
Ella's time to shine was the rhythmic gymnastics competition! She took this event VERY seriously :-)  And as usual, the competition was getting heated by this point. Some members of this family are naturally competitive :) As it turned out, Ella wasn't the only one geared up for this event. She was a star. The grown men were...entertaining haha. Here is a very short but special clip of what unfolded that evening including but not limited to: toe touches, synchronized cart-wheels, split leaps and grown men frolicking. 
As the evening winded down, it was time for the glowing the dark events. 
 And then the awards...
 And of course, the Hog Wild Hughes took the gold! But you know what? Here in a few years, I'll have the big kids and these guys will have their own toddlers to compete with :-)
 And the Oklahoma Twisters did not blow us away...we "tied" for second! (But we all know they had mercy on my super proud and hopeful littles)

 And then of course...firework celebrations!

 Poor Ella is still terrified of fireworks from the time she stepped on a 4 years ago! This girl never forgets a single detail.
 While we were all inside recovering from the heat and humidity with our second round of homemade ice-cream...

this guy was still going full force outside with his bug net catching lightening bugs. It was then I realized that he's never had the joy of catching and playing with these little southern creatures! Imagine the wonder of being a four year old boy and finding a bug that lights up...
Fire crackers and lightening bugs...happiest boy on the planet at that very moment :-)

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