Friday, June 5, 2015

Olli Mae

We are 20 weeks along with our sweet Ollipop! I haven't even blogged much about this pregnancy because time is flying and also Ella, Luca and Milo :) We had our 20 week screening and she checked out perfectly healthy! However, she was a little shy and wouldn't show her face so we have to go back in 2 weeks for a follow up. She was head down and had her face covered with both hands and nuzzled in the placenta. This coronal shot was the only glimpse of her face that we got! 
We got to see the goods for the first time and it took some prodding but she finally let us see that she's  still a girl :) She was so comfy and curled up that I had to get up and walk, eat, drink and then the last ditch effort was to tilt the bed so far back that I was basically on my head. She still wouldn't move for us to see her face but I was happy that she was still a girl. The blood test is the most accurate but I still couldn't rest until I saw it with my own eyes :)
She measured in the 19th week...I've been telling Mike the whole time that I feel like she's just going to be smaller. I was diagnosed with a condition called marginal cord insertion, which means that the umbilical cord is on the edge of the placenta rather than in the middle. In my case, it is very much on the edge, only 1 cm away. It can compromise the cord and sometimes doesn't nourish the baby as well so they will monitor her growth frequently. The face that it's so close worries me a little but I know they will check frequently to make sure everything is I'll just focus on the fact that I'll get to see her more often.  
This pregnancy has been VERY different than the rest. The first trimester wasn't too awful but the second trimester hasn't been too great either. I've had different symptoms and have just felt all together different. I've had a lot of headaches, dizziness, 2nd tri nausea and vomitting, major fatigue and all together neurotic...which is awesome when you already have 3 kids :) Mike brought home "just because it's been a hard week" flowers last night and then shared this text with me of a twitter fact this morning...I can't help but wonder if the two are related ;) 
It is all zooming by faster than any other pregnancy and I've already found myself celebrating the 20 week mark. We've been counting up and all of the sudden it's time to start counting DOWN! I love her already and am just as excited to meet her as I was to meet Ella, the first. I still almost can't believe this is happening. And look at that foot! 
Pippa has begun her baby bonding ritual. She did this with Milo too. 
And finally, We have Luca on the left, Ella on the right and Milo who is a perfect mixture in the middle. I'm really wondering who Olli will take after! I'm predicting dark hair. I think she might look like Luca. I don't know why but I do. We shall see!

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