Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's in a name?

Olli Mae Reading
{22 weeks}

Olli Mae is her name! Mike came up with Olli. It stems from olive branch which is a symbol of peace. I loved the name Olive but Mike said it was too "hippy" ;) He came up with Olli and I liked it! It was set in stone when he told me he just really felt like he needed a little ollipop.
Mae is her middle name. Mae is my grandmother's, her great-grandmother's, middle name. She is one of the kindest, strongest, godliest, loving and most beautiful women I know. She is one of the most significant people in my life and it's an honor to name my daughter after her. 
Reading, well, she just inherited that one ;) But I'm sure this means she will be ornery, funny, charming and sweet to the core.
This looks like a very successful ultrasound, but it was actually another difficult one! Last times was so snuggled in we couldn't see her face so this was a repeat. Once again, she was snuggled down very low and while she moved and kicked the whole time, she kept her face buried deep and hands over her face as well. She was completely folded up and totally fine just to hang out. I think she will be a snuggly girl :) This was the 2nd ultrasound tech to ask us if any of our other baby's were this stubborn and have joked about her being difficult haha. Just what we need! However, I think she's just super chill and content no matter who is prodding away trying to get her out of her comfy spot :)

So after jumping jacks, tilting my feet over my head, stretching, positions, and many cups of cold beverages, she turned for a couple minutes...just long enough to capture these shots and confirm that she does indeed have a nose and lips! We also found her sucking her thumb...just like her big sister :) She's had her hands on her face or in her mouth every single ultrasound. It's fun to get to know them before they are even born!
Look at that cute little nose!
 just talking away!
 still playing with her hands :)

Hello Summer!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school! And today, on our first day of summer, I sit here listening to the "sounds of summer"...big kids fighting over one single blanket (out of the 20 sitting in the closet a few feet away), cartoons, and Milo screaming just because he too wants to be super loud and a few giggles in between :) The last days of school were super busy! Here is how we wrapped the year up...
 A birthday party for Luca's bestie...
 craft-a-thon with my girl...
couch naps and Pippa/Ollie snuggles...
 dance rehearsal to prepare for our upcoming recital...

 and then Luca's last day of school!!! Look how much this boy child grew in a year!
 pre-k graduation!
He has been talking about this for weeks!
 Hi mom! Actually, he was waving at his baby brother :) When Milo spotted Luca, he squealed with delight. He was SO EXCITED and happy to see his big bro up there! He clapped and laughed the whole way through and Luca looked so proud :)

 and finally...that hard earned diploma! Luca has blown me away this year. He can never tell me what he's doing or learning at school but then all of the sudden starts naming all his letters and sounds and then starts writing us notes!

 Dress yourself day...all was well, but the pumpkin socks ;) I didn't have the heart to tell him that tall socks with shorts aren't cool and/or that it wasn't Halloween haha. He was so proud! Really, I was too...he even remembered to put his undies on! That's a win!
 This summer we will be making way for our little Ollipop! I will start putting Milo down in his room with Luca for I took down the nursery and finally completed the bub club with all of Milo's stuff too :)

 Then came DANCE RECITAL DAY!!! I just love dance recitals. Ella LOVES the make up so that's fun. And I've always wanted to put mascara on Luca's long lush lashes...they are too die for. I finally got my chanced they were b.e.a.UTIFUL. But putting mascara on a 4 year old-a boy at that-was not small feat. It was about as stressful as trying to put a pair of pantyhose on an octopus. I mean, I downed a bag of chocolate in less than 10 minutes after that because that's probably the most stressed I've ever been in my life...but totally worth it!
My beautiful ballerina...her dance was a ballet dance to The Secret Garden...


And Luca's "little man jam" was to The Three Little Pigs". He was very concerned though because he has 4 boys in his class and, "der were too many wittle piggies..." :)

 Afterwards, they received their metals. Ella has gotten many awards and trophies from her activities. She was excited for another one...
 but this is Luca's first one. When they put it on his neck he gave a fist pump in the air and yelled, "YEEEEEEES!!!!" It was a cute moment :)

 Then he wanted to talk  endlessly mid finale to the woman about his metal. She kindly shushed him...
 but he won out :)
 and that was a wrap! 
Ella and Maddie after the recital...
 and Maddies brother Ben was so excited to watch Luca! He went up to him after and said, "you did such a great job!" Sweet friends :)
 Auntie Ann got to come to the recital to watch too! The kids were sooooo excited.

 The next week we were in the home stretch! Ella had a park popsicle/picnic field trip to a nearby park to celebrate the last day of school. The whole first grade got to walk to Salmon Bay and play the day away!
 Then, Tuesday was her last day of first grade...and she has grown up so much this year too!!! I can't believe this girl! I'm so proud of the little lady she is becoming. I just love her so much.
 On the last day of school, we had a baby sitter come stay with the boys and Mike and I snuck in a lunch date before going to the doctor to get a look at our Olli Mae!
Hi baby!
 You know your in Seattle when...
When the Ella got home from school, the kids opened a Summer Fun Kit that Nana B and Papa Bo mailed to them...complete, water hop scotch, water guns, popsicles and sweet treats to boot!

 And here we are! Happy summer to all!!!