Sunday, May 17, 2015

San Diego

Last week was the Reading-Wilson {Realson} Family Vacation to San Diego!!! It was amazing. I mean...just perfect. Getting there was a bit of a chore though ;) Packing for 5 on a trip like this was a totally new experience! I. Can't. Imagine. packing a baby in here too in the near future. I mean, I just can't. Totally worth all the effort though because man...we needed this vacation!
 We got off to a hysterical start when Mike flipped a soggy cracker soaked with Milo's spit into my lap and I tried to throw it at him...only to miss and hit the lady across the aisle. Oops. Can't take us anywhere!
 She wore it the whole time. We watched it turn a darker shade as it dried onto her sweater. We never had the nerve to tell her :-0
 The kids were so excited. They got their own row and kept themselves busy with art, snacks, cars, games and of course, technology!

 On the first morning, Mike took the big kids to the beach to explore first thing in the morning while the rest of us settled in to our new home for the week. 
Home Sweet Home!!!
 We went to Target to load up on groceries. I can't tell you how many times we ended up at Target! I guess multiple Target trips are inevitable with FIVE children in tow :) We fueled up at In-And-Out. Milo LOVED him some burger and fries! 
 After that, the sun was out so we hit up the beach! You know what's funny? The kids were soon excited about the beach and the ocean, yet when we were there, all they asked about was the dad gum pool!
 Milo hates everything about the beach. I mean, hates. it. He sat right in my lap for the longest while. 
 He was so mad to be there that he wouldn't even look at the camera! He just cried!

 He's absolutely terrified of the sand. I finally convinced him to sit in his own chair.
 He wasn't happy. Baby child does NOT like having sandy hands or feet. He was repulsed :)
 After a while he came around. He wouldn't let a toe touch the sand but he was happy in his chair :) Then he stood up and face planted in the sand and the rest is history...
 However, the big kids...
 they couldn't get enough!

 Baby Theo was a rock star just napping away in the tent. 
 It didn't take long before we packed up our gear and took the kids to the pool. They just couldn't handle all the excitement and new things to explore.
 That night, the Wilsons babysat while Mike and I had a date night! We hit up the Gaslamp District and had a delicious meal at Seersucker. 
We walked around a bit and found our cinema :)
 We enjoyed our evening and then headed back to the beach house. It's hard to stay away from that awesome place and awesome people! Our evenings were filled with grown up game night and shenanigans. I haven't stayed up that late or laughed that much in quite some time! 

 Ella and Luca helped take care of Theo. I think they are getting pretty stoked to have another little baby around. 
Tuesday was the San Diego Zoo!!!
 We had a picnic lunch, rode the skyfari and took a bus tour.
 I'm telling you, with 5 kids and a prig, the bus tour was the way to go! We drove through very slowly and got to see all of the animals!

 Milo may not love the sand, but he L-O-V-E-D the skyfari. As we got higher and higher he just squealed with delight! And as you can fear!
 We ended our day at the children's zoo and let the kids run and play while we caught our breath.

The next day, we took turns going to the beach with the big kids while the other couple stayed in with the babies. I absolutely loved this morning. I just sat and watched Ella and Luca run with joy and play their little hearts out. These 2 little lovelies...
Our little Olli made her appearance on this trip too. She just popped right out! 
Olli on the beach!
 Ella wore her mermaid swimsuit this day and it brought me so much girl mom joy to watch her star in her own little show pretending to be a mermaid when she didn't know I was watching :)

 And then a little rainbow popped out right behind her. One of those magical moments!

 The other thing that brought me great joy was watching our Luca run wild and free. The beach was the perfect place for him to just be him. He ran as hard as he could through the sand and water. He climbed everything and got as sandy as he possibly could. 

 Meanwhile, mama is working on a tan!

 mermaid Ella
 shark Luca
 That afternoon, we kept the babies home while the Wilsons had some family beach time!
 Later that day we all ended up at the pool. We found a place Milo like to hang. The swimming pool? NOPE! The hot tub! I guess it does kind of feel like a bath :)
 His favorite place though was right here safe and sound on a lawn chair. Or better the house :)

 On our last full day, we hit up the park at the beach before heading out to a delicious lobster roll lunch. 

 That afternoon, after lunch, the rain set in! We just kicked back in the beach house. Some napped...
 Ella and Luca had robot fun...
 Milo was partied out and just played on my lap...
 and Mike read Russian literature, of all things.
Party animal!
 That evening, we paid our babysitting dues and the Wilsons enjoyed a date night. We had so much fun playing games every night and they just couldn't stay away. They came back a little early and we ended up in an epic lip sync battle. Just keepin it Realson ;)

 On our last night, Milo was up most of the time with a high temp. I'm pretty sure it was teeth. He wouldn't sleep alone and had to nap it off in the morning with Daddy while we furiously packed.

 We stopped by Balboa Park on our way to the airport and decided that it's on the top of our list for our next trip to San Diego!

 We got back alive and well...happy, tan and big smiles from memories made.
 I mean, we were pretty delirious, but hanging in pretty well to be so outnumbered! 
 We were barely on the road before...

And that's a wrap for Realson Family Vaca 2015!!! Until next time!

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