Thursday, May 7, 2015

San Diego or BUST!

We are leaving for San Diego in 3 days!!! This will be our first family vacation to somewhere other than home :) I had a doctor's appointment this week...16 weeks along. Olli Mae is kicking and beating away! I'm starting to feel taps and flutters more consistently. I can tell she's getting bigger and stronger every day. This is my 5th pregnancy but I'm still just blown away with how amazing it is to grow and carry a child. Simply amazing. 

These two are trouble. Double trouble. Different kinds of together they are quite the dynamic duo.
 Milo isn't sad because he's all wet. He's sad because we made him get out! He decided he wanted to take a bath with Luca :)
 And this is my view while drinking my morning coffee while honey boo boo tries to climb as high as he can just to see what he can find.
{just can't get enough of the baby feet}

Today I got to go to Luca's school for Mother's Day Tea! They sang sweet songs, presented us with gifts and then we went downstairs for dessert :)

 My Mother's Day present :) This little boy is actually quite the artist! Such precision and focus...colors in the lines, makes details, very elaborate...really good for a 4 year old boy! He surprises us every day.
 This boy baby is getting soon big. And handsome <3 p="">
 Luca and his buds...Midas and William

And where's Ella? Well, she's at school! Luca will make and awesome kinder kid and I'll have my hands full with two little lovelies at home...but I'm sad to send another one off next year!

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