Monday, May 4, 2015

Bub Club

Oh these two...definitely starting to act like brothers! One minute they are playing cars together and a split second later one's been tackled and is crying on the floor. Milo is definitely going to be the aggressor between these two! He's such a little spitfire. I went to take an adorable pic of them bonding over cars but accidentally caught this lovely moment instead...
he is very serious about his cars.
 Hopefully these tubes (surgery Friday) will help this little guy find his happy place again. I'm sure it won't help with the car fights though :) 
 Last week I took my boys with Emily and Jenny + Abe the babe for their first solo stroller outing. We went to the.............drum roll please..........GROCERY STORE! Man we know how to party! There is strength in numbers when it comes to a newborn and our trip was a success :)
In some sisterly news, we've started to pick paint colors for Olli's room...
 I noticed her name on something for the first time :)
 And this sweet thing is getting so excited!!!
{mustache day at school}

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