Saturday, April 11, 2015


Sometimes I think no one really understands just how tired I am. Then I walk around the corner to find Luca asleep on the potty :-)
I'm so tired that this is totally ok as long as he's not crying...
I was also too tired to go to the Pre-K art auction this year because, well, I can't guarantee I'll be awake after 4:00 pm on any given day. THANK THE GOOD LORD that they saved the art for all the tired/slacker parents to see at drop off. I didn't plan on buying any this year until...
But when you have 3 kids, it doesn't matter how tired you are...the show must go one!

Ella got to sing in the Whittier Elementary choir for the Ballard Choir Showcase. It was so fun! It was choir groups of all ages from the Ballard neighborhood. They had individual performances and also a couple of group performances that they had practiced separately and got to put together at the show. 
These girls are too much. Since their concert was at the high school, they came up "ready" with TONS of make-up on. They thought they needed it since they were going to be singing with the big kids. Oh dear. We wiped most of it off but settled with some blush and lip gloss :)
and Monday starts SPRING BREAK!

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