Wednesday, April 22, 2015

the simple life

Luca made a little superhero mask for his baby sister Olli. I just melted! What is even sweeter is what he wrote..."from Luca to Olli, I love you". He just started writing this month out of no where. Every day when I ask him about school or what he's learning, he tells me about playing with William and Midas :-) He literally went from identifying some letters to writing sentences. One day I picked up a piece of paper and probably would have tossed it but I thought to take second look and there it was, "ilvdade"...I love Daddy. As a first grade teacher, I have developed some stellar decoding skills ;) 
I went to school with Luca. I signed up to Volunteer, but their version of volunteering is hanging out with your kid and I think that's awesome. So I basically got to spend a day in the life of Luca. God bless preschool teachers. All teachers really. But especially preschool teachers! First we went to show and tell. Then we went to music and movement. Then we went up to his room for circle time, art and snack. I learned a few things...Luca is very detail oriented at school and ALL ABOUT THE RULES. Apparently he was afraid I'd break a rule so he coached me every step of the way. "Mom, raise your hand if you need to say something. Say no thank you if you don't want to touch their show and tell. If they ask you not to touch it, you don't have to say no thank you." We took a water break in between activities and he made sure I knew to wait at the purple line to give people their space. I told him I was going to take a potty break (assuming I'd find and adult restroom) and he told me I needed to wait until everyone was finished washing their hands for snack so people don't see my privates. Good idea Luca! He's very thorough with a glue stick. VERY.  Some things I already how he's 100% all the time! I've never seen a faster skip, gallop or hop in music and movement. Most of his activities he was carrying out looked to me more like running full speed ahead :) It was a special day with some one on one time with my big boy. He was beaming with pride that I was there. You think he'll still feel that way if I went with him to high school? I'd like to think so. 

 With this guy...there's not much to report other than these dad-gum ear infections. One right after the other. He doesn't handle them well either. He is an angry baby! I've spent most of my days just keeping him happy and doing whatever it takes so he's not too miserable and my nerves stay in tact. Which is why he gets to do things like this... 
We have an appointment tomorrow at Children's to check into tubes. 
In other Milo news...he's quite the chubby hubby these days! So stinkin cute!

 Miss Ella is growing taller, sweeter and more beautiful by the day. She's really blossoming into such a special little lady. She has a heart of gold and is so kind and pure. She amazes me. God has truly blessed me with her. It's an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with such a beautiful soul...that I'm the one who gets to be her mama. I don't take it lightly. Basically, she's amazing.
 We went to a birthday party last weekend and they had a fairy garden in their backyard. This is where she spent most of her time. She had me take pictures so we could make one too. I'm thinking this might be a great summer project! It would be even better if we had our fairy expert, Aunt Kim, to help us out!

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