Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Holidays away from family are always a little sad because our holidays always involve family. This year was no different but it didn't stop us from having a lot of fun. It was a very special weekend for our family not just because of Easter, but because Ella was baptized on Easter Sunday! We are so proud of her and the beautiful young lady she is becoming. This girl is going to do great things. She has a heart of gold and loves Jesus. I'm in awe watching her grow!
Our weekend started out a few days earlier with a date night while the kids made Easter eggs with our friends, Dann and Jenny. These were the brightest and shiniest eggs! Of all my years trying multiple recipes and strategies with my mom to try to get brightly colored eggs, who knew all we needed was the Paas candy apple finish kit from the grocery store ;)
 We knew Sunday would be packed so the Easter bunny came early and we did our egg hunt on Saturday evening after a fun filled family day. 

 Bug catcher kits and a bubble mower...we are all set for summer cook outs!
 Nana B mailed us some magic jelly beans so after we hunted our eggs, we planted them to see what would grow on Easter morning!

Then we came inside to clean up. Milo loved his light up bunny duck =D
 We got all snuggled up in our bunny pjs and called it a day. 
Ella and all her bunny swag :)
 Of course, first thing in the morning, the kids ran outside to see what all the magic jelly bean rave was about! They were not disappointed! Nana B is the best. Even though she's far away, she still can have fun with us. A lot of our fun comes from her!


 Time to get dressed for church!

 Little lovely number one...

 number two...
 and number three!

 Daper dudes in matching dress coats...doesn't get any cuter than that.

 After church and Ella's baptism, we went to brunch at Rockcreek with our friends. The Wilsons were there too but once everyone arrived we were partying too hard to remember to take a picture! We had a lovely Easter brunch. We brought pie from Pie Bar to celebrate Ella's baptism. AND we had just found out what we are going to have, so we got to tell our friends together! See next post for a gender  reveal!
 We had a private room and the kids enjoyed looking down out the window :)
 It was a beautiful weekend with so many things to celebrate! We partied hard and all looked like this by Sunday evening :)

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