Thursday, April 9, 2015

Countdown to Glittertown

Lady or Lad?
Bowtie or Bow?
Mister or Miss?
Glitter or Dirt?
Well, we are going to finish this the way we started...with a tiny pink bundle of frills, giant hair bows, tutus and blinged everything. IT'S A GIRL!!! I have to admit, having another girl feels pretty perfect. We have a big sister and a big brother. We have a little brother and now a little sister too. Raising brothers has been one of the sweetest things I've seen and I feel honored that I will get to raise sisters too. Ella and Luca both have been asking for a baby sister for quite some time and I just knew they would be so happy. Especially Ella :-) Her "one wish" in life has been to have a sister. I think this sweet baby girl will perfectly complete our little family. It's countdown to glitter town people!
We found out super early thanks to modern day technology and the nifty new genetic blood test screening. I was actually at the hospital with my midwife for a migraine when she got the news. Mike wasn't with me but I HAD TO KNOW RIGHT THEN. It was instant bliss and then I was off to Cupcake Royale to surprise Mike with a little gift coming home. Forget about the headache!
He was hoping for a girl too. I believe his exact words right after I quit recording were, "NAILED IT!"

It was almost time to pick Ella up from school and so since I was at the end of the first trimester and all the testing and turned out great, we decided to go ahead and tell them. Knowing how much she wanted a sister just meant I couldn't wait any longer! They didn't even know I was pregnant at this point! We got the cupcakes all dressed up for the big reveal...
First we told them I was pregnant. Ella was stunned. Milo was like, "I'm outta here" and Luca didn't catch on for quite some time :-)
part 2...Luca is starting to pick up what we're putting down!

After telling them, we brought in our cupcakes. I was so relieved to know what it was we were having because when we asked the kids if they were excited for another baby, Ella said, "ONLY IF IT'S A GIRL!" No pressure. Right after I stopped the video, Ella said we could all thank her because she's been wishing and praying for a sister for years now :-) So thank you Ella! And you also have to listen to sweet Luca...a heart of gold!
After that we enjoyed our sweet treats and just dreamed about her a little bit. Ella says we should name her Mary Ann or Rose :)

We can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl! You have a big brother and sister that prayed for, begged for and longed for you for a long time! I'm sure your sister will always remind you to thank her that you're here :)
One thing we know is that she may be a wild woman. We've had 3 sonograms and in each one she's waving her arms furiously up and down...both of them! In this last one at 12 weeks, she was rolling her head side to side. It's really hard to get a good still look at the girl! 

Another thing that warms my heart is that this little guy still gets to be my baby boy <3 he="" i="" just="" m="" needs...="" p="" pretty="" s="" sure="" that="" what="">

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This is the sweetest post! I love seeing everyone's reactions. So so fun!