Friday, March 13, 2015

March Madness

Milo and I just returned home from a lengthy trip to Arkansas! It had been so long since we had been that of course we had to make all of our rounds. My sweet hubby had to stay and the big kids had school so they had to say...but he said, "GO AND ENJOY!" So we did.

Snuggle baby love...
 Milo was good on the good as a busy 1 year old who didn't get to nap could possibly be. He wooed all the ladies in the terminal and ended up bumming some yummy snacks from them. They kept on giving them out as long as he would go give them some attention :)

He ate 3 times as much as he normally does in a day because, well, what else was there to do? =D
 But finally we made it to our first stop...Little Rock! Mommy friends and baby friends reunited at last! (sorry Anne but they look so cute).
 Anne is my soul sister. We are a power couple. We could rule the world cause a lot of trouble if we lived a little closer to each other. Our weekend consisted of home projects and dance parties. 
 My in-laws came to get Milo and her mom took Elijah. Her hubby was out of town which meant that we had a rare opportunity for GIRL TIME!!! Yes we are grown women but it still may have slightly resembled something along the lines of a junior high slumber party ;)

Dinner at The Capital...
 After Little Rock, I met up with Milo and we spent some time in Van Buren with Mimi and Pops!
 Milo enjoyed roaming around the big wide world that is Mimi and Pop's back yard. It was FRIGID COLD all but one day. Snow and ice followed us from Little Rock to Van Buren...but when he was able to get out he loved freely roaming the countryside! 

 Our next stop was to my home, Springdale. As you can see the weather followed us there too!!!
 I got started right away shopping at all of the fun shopping that I miss in Seattle. The weather was tough but we did our best to get out and spend time with everyone we could.
 The abominable boo boo!
 Because of sickness and weather, my family was unable to all get together as we planned, but we managed to see them one by one. These lovely people even made a semi dangerous trip from Oklahoma to squeeze in some time with us which meant the world! I was so glad they did because the weather was only getting worse and this would be the last opportunity. 
 my darling, lovely, talented, caring, sweet, strong, incredible, talented and oh so loving Aunt Kim! 
 My grandparents were not feeling well and my grandpa had recently had a pacemaker put in. My granny got sick...bless their hearts! So while we didn't get to see them as much as we normally do, we snuck in a few small visits. Milo had become super cranky on this leg of the trip, but as you can see, he rose to the occasion!
 He got his game face on and I was so happy that they got to spend a little time with happy Milo :)
Just the cutest!!!

My mother and father in law met up with me and my bro and sis in law to hang out another night.  and celebrate my birthday!

 Milo got some more loving and was a total Pops boy tonight. It was also the first time that he realized that Pops had other babies that belonged to him as well and that didn't go well! Milo made quite the fuss about anyone else sitting in his lap. Poor Jonah!

 The big Reading men loving on the little Reading baby...
 In the meantime back in Seattle, we had many wonderful friends helping Mike out. It really meant so much to me! Our wonderful friends took kids for playdates, helped Mike transport too and from classes and even brought him dinner. So thankful!
 By Wednesday we FINALLY got to see our Uncle Greg and Aunt DeLynn! Milo quickly realized they are 2 of the coolest people on the planet and they became fast friends :)

 Milo looooved wearing Papa Bo's hats :)
 I went back over to David and Tesha's one more night to have a movie night...just like the good ole days :) I got to spend some more time with these two nuggets. Jonah was my first nephew and has a special place in my heart. Sophie and Ella are so much alike and pretty close in spite of the distance between them and for that that she just has my heart. 
 When I got home that night, I walked into the beginnings of a birthday celebration! The 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday was rapidly approaching :) My mom has always made my birthdays so special...
 The next morning, mom and I spent the day hitting up my boutiques. 
 I mean, come on...
 Milo is not an easy shopping partner but he does LOVE to try on accessories. When he gets grouchy...just find him some glasses or hats to put on and he's a happy camper. Just like going to see Granny and Grandpa, as soon as I put his hat on, he was so happy :)
 Mike took the kids hiking this day and sent me this picture. I was starting to miss my bigs pretty bad. It's hard to wear this one out...but when he's done, he's DONE!

 That evening we went to dinner. Milo was a wild man so we were on a mission to eat and leave so we didn't get a pic! But when we got home, we busted out the cookie absolute FAV-OR-ITE...

 At the end of my trip, Granny and Grandpa were on the mend so we went to spend some time with them after church on Sunday. 
 These are two of the most precious people to big kids know how special they are. Milo doesn't yet, but his will! I think he's got a pretty good idea though :)

 Nana B and Milo bath time!!!

 I had more than my fair share of Sonic drinks while I was there and Milo picked up on the trend as well...kicked back on the couch with Papa Bo while downing a route 44...this is the life!
 3 days shy of 3 weeks, it was time to go home. It's hard to be away from whoever I'm away from! I was ready to be back with my little family and sad to leave at the same time.
 I took an evening flight in hopes Milo would sleep this time.
 As soon as I got home, I had to run to West Seattle to meet this new bundle...welcome to the club Theo! You've got a wild crew to join!
 All for now! 
Happily reunited with my Seattle crew and we won't be waiting so long this time to head back to Arkansas!

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