Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Please

As much as I love getting cozy at home and spending days in pjs, I have to say by the end of January I'm ready to wake up from my hibernation! I enjoy the time of slowing down but I think we all are being hit with a little case of the winter blues...
 We all are ready for the beautiful Seattle sun and FRESH AIR!!!
Luca finds comfort from all his little frans :)
Milo woke up very early last Sunday to another gray, cold and rainy day and spent the rest of the morning practicing scooting around on his head with no hands. I kind of feel like this too these days!
This past week I've seen more sunny days then I've seen in months and it. is. good. Spring and summer are coming!!! Like I said, I love a dreary winter but after a while we all need the sun! Milo has been struggling with yet another ear infection. We are exploring the option of tubes. He was feeling pretty good right here though hanging out with his 2 leading ladies :)
We've also been back to West Seattle to hang out with the newest member of our club, THEO!!!
As soon as I returned home from Arkansas, Mike had gathered my troops for a girls day to celebrate my big ole 31st birthday :-) We had a private room at HOA for mani/pedis and brunch at Hatti's Hat! It was nice to have a day with my girls after being away for so long.

 We were definitely the baby bunch. Each on of these ladies had recently given birth or are pregnant. Jenny here is somewhat in between those stages haha. What a trooper! Any day now! 

 I chaperoned Ella's field trip to the Seattle Children's Theater to see the play, Goodnight Moon. It was adorable! I must be getting old (or am scarred by my own experience as a teacher) but the only thing I dread about these little ventures are the dad gum bus rides!

 I thought this little tidbit is worth noting for her future hubby someday. This little chick-a-dee came to me as serious as can be and told me she though she was in love with her desk partner because he does everything she says. But then she decided he's shorter than her and that's not really her type :-) I told her I thought he deserved  few extra points for doing everything she says but to never settle haha.
This past weekend we got to attend an American Girl birthday. I have little no restraint in that store. It just brings out the little girl in me which bodes well for Ella :-) I love this place!

 gIrL pArTy!!!
 And I leave you with this little butterball rocking out to his jams with his favorite Baby Einstein toy (which was also Ella's fave)!
and also of these pictures of his mama! If any of my children look like me, it's definitely him :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Party of Five

Before my trip to Arkansas, we finally got around to doing Milo's 1 YEAR photo shoot! I told her that I wanted a super relaxed and informal shoot that would capture our real life at the moment which is minute to minute, crazy, funny, unpolished, wild, cute, unpredictable, untamed, beautiful, busy, loud, happy and full of life and love. And she did just that. We took a stroll down Ballard Avenue, the heart of our neighborhood, and just "hung out". I know these moments are fleeting and these babies seem to grow faster with each one we add. I'm so happy to have these to look back on and remember the insanity and beauty of this time in our lives...

Ella 7. Luca 4. Milo1