Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heart Day

Hello and happy Valentine's Day! {1 day late} Last year Valentine's Day was like Christmas in our house and this year it snuck up on me and went down just like any other day. I don't know if it's 30 or my 3rd child...but I'm completely embracing my inability to be fabulous all the time :D That's new for me and I'm learning to be totally ok with it! Luckily my mom is a rock star and sent the kids fun Valentines like always...complete with matching shirts...and they had such a sweet treat! Get this...I even bought...boxed. valentines. GASP!!! ;) Not only did I forgo DIY Valentines, I even waited to go buy the boxed Valentines (I can barely say it out loud) on the night before the party! Actually, the kids loved every second of it and I do have say they have some pretty cool one's out these days! I took me back to my Valentine party days :) And speaking of Valentine parties, look at this little love bug...
rHe was so cute about his Valentines. He picked Paw Patrol and rock star valentines that came with sticky hands. He had absolutely no concept of what was going to go down at this party. He didn't understand why he couldn't keep his Valentines he picked out. No matter what I said, I couldn't make him understand that he was going to get Valentines from other kids. It was so beyond him! Even after the party, he was terribly confused about where his Valentines went and why it was a fun idea to hand them out :) There were many chuckles in the grocery line of people overhearing our conversation.
So here are our little lovelies in their cute little shirts made by Nana B!

 This week was also bring a friend to dance week. Ella, Maddie and Bridget were all in Kindergarten together and Ella and Maddie are in the same first grade class too! Ella, Maddie and Bridget take ballet together and for their "bring a friend" week, they all chose friends that were also in their kindergarten class. It was basically Miss Harrington's kinder girls group :) First grade is so fun. I'm loving our new tradition of Larsens Bakery across the street after dance class.
 Today we had Milo's baby dedication! We dedication
 We prayed over him and made a commitment with our church family to raise him to live a life of faith, hope and love.  

We went to celebrate with our Wilsons over lunch the Barking Dog. Then we came home for boo boo to nap. It is a beautiful sunny day so even though it's a tad chilly, we bundled up and headed outside with the bigs to let them play. I organized the garage and could smell spring in the air. Soon after I began dreaming of another beautiful Seattle summer that will soon be upon us...I can't wait! And now for a nap...I LOVE Sundays :)

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