Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Things have been pretty boring around here lately but in the best way possible! There hasn't been much going on which means more time to hang with kids and friends and just enjoy life together! 

A couple of weeks ago, Jenny and I paused Pioneer Square and she introduced me to the London Plane for lunch. There are so many places to go and things to try I don't think I'll ever know it all but I love little outings with my grown up girlfriends to enjoy all parts of this city :) 
There hasn't been much news with Milo lately since his first birthday other than:
-he's walking as his main mode of transportation. he's officially a walker!
-as of Sunday he is officially weaned! he did great! I, on the other hand, really struggled. It was extremely painful going from being the main source of food for an almost 14 month old to nothing...but we did what we had to do and we made it! He is eating all table food, drinking milk and is happy about it.
-he learned to take his diaper off. oh boy. luckily we have wood floors haha =D
 My handsome men...
and my bath babies!
 Other than that we have been watching Seahawks games with friends, having girls bachelor watch parties on my couch, enjoying some rare winter sun and staying up late enjoying all of our shows coming back on from the break. Oh, and the GYM! This mama was been back to the gym. Feels good. We are planning a friend/family vacation for May to San Diego which is LONG overdue. Other than that, its just coffee, babies, friends, wine, good food and an upcoming SUPERBOWL!!! Can't complain :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Happy New Year everyone!!! We've started the New Year in a very relaxed manner :) After Christmas, we vegged on the couch for days and it. was. NICE. We watched a lot of movies, spent a lot of QT with the kiddies and started taking naps again :) It's exactly how we wanted to ring in the New Year and what we want to do more of in 2015...slow down and enjoy life! Milo and Daddy are off to a great start!
We spent most of the time in our PJs.
 We sat around playing with all of the new Christmas toys. This was our wubble ball fun. It lasted for a whopping 20 minutes before popping ;) Good thing they replace them!
 My little boo face doing what he does...snacking, crossing feet and snuggling with mama.
Luca got to ring in the "noon year" (noon time celebration on New Year's Eve) with his bestie William with a party, games, piniatas and a ball drop!

Ella got to go ice-skating with her friend Sylvia!
and then off to her house for a play date! These are some sweet girls let tell ya...
 and here is my snuggle pup...always by my side! She looks like a kitty perched on my shoulder with her tail wrapped around my neck. She needs to be groomed but she's like a fluffy teddy bear right now and I just love it!
 I did finally go get my kids groomed haha. 
He had some strays down in his eyes, but the back part was the main reason. It was borderline mullet so it was definitely time. 
After! haha...this was the best I could get :)
Here is a better shot the next day :) It really brought out the red in his hair!

 Girlfriend got her hair cut too!
 It was sooooooo long. We needed to get it healthy again and she was ready to do something new. We cut off about 8 inches!
 And voila!!! Isn't she lovely? This cut looks so cute on her :)
 These 2 are very attached to each other right now. He asks for her all day when she's not here and walks around trying to be with her when she is here. She's calling herself the 2nd mom ;) This was her first day back to school from break and she was sad to leave him :( 
When she got home that day, we took off for the door yelling, "ewa ewa, dada dada, ewa ewa!!!"

Now the kids are back to school and mama is recouping from the break. I'm already thinking strategically on how to survive this summer with a 7 year old, a very active 4 year old...and Milo :) Should be fun! And interesting! But fun! haha
 Now I'm back to snuggling the rainy gray days away with this cutie. 
 Life is good...
very very good.