Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Merry Little Christmas

It was baby girl's first Christmas and it was oh so merry. It was just our little family this year in Seattle. As much as we missed our families, it was still very sweet to settle in our pjs with our newest  little bundle and watch the kids enjoy the day. 
 We dressed up our little Olli like a Dolli {see what I did there?!} and headed out to our Christmas Eve service. Once again, I sat out in the foyer with the 2 littles wondering if I'll ever get to actually attend the whole thing myself haha. But it was still nice hearing all the carols from out in the foyer.
 Baby's first Christmas!

 Milo does NOT like having his picture taken so I had to be very discreet...
I bribed him with cupcakes and candy to get him to sit with his brother for a twink pic but he refused any and all bribery attempts.
 He was matching his big bro who poses for me like an expert male model ;)
 And then there's my beautiful Ella Bella!
 Ella and Olli's first sister Christmas...
And there was no way we were wearing any other color but pink for Christmas it was!
Mighty trying his hardest to hold his baby :) 
Mike was at the church preparing and I was solo with 3 excited kids plus the newbie on Christmas Eve. I was a frazzled mess by the time I got them there!
Still trying to be sneaky to get my bro pic :)
He caught me and started screaming and ran off and refused to come down off the stage haha.
 And you haven't had fun until you've managed this dynamic duo through a quiet service ;)
 Shushing his mama who is trying to get him to come sit before the service starts :) 
That's the backstory of the evening for this one big happy family!

 Once we made it through, we herded our cats back to the house to get them in their Christmas jommies and to open ONE gift! {Except Mike and I are weak so we let them open al their gifts from family haha}

 Mike and I decided to exchange our stockings with each other after the kiddies went to bed so we could enjoy the moment together...
 Then, once everyone (except Ella) was asleep, we set up the Santa piles!

 Having fun with my new selfie stick woop whoop!!!
 The boys tried to kill us by waking up at 4 am but Daddy took one for the team and went downstairs to contain them. By 6 they were busting at the seams and he surrendered :) Miss Ella already knew what she was getting because she came upstairs at exactly 12:41 while we were sleeping to make sure he had come! She looked through her pile and then started to explore everyone else's but then said she got creeped out so she went back to bed haha.
 It was a lego Christmas for Luca Bo :-)
 Milo saw his pile and started yelling, "GABBA GABBA GABBA!! DADDY GABBA!!!"

 And our little Ollipop slept through it all but decided to join us around 8:00 for her own little moment! But as you can see, there was nothing little about her moment at all (except her) because Santa got so excited about a hippo wearing a cute tutu that she forgot to read the dimensions =D

 By 9:00 am, Milo had a belly full of play-dough for breakfast, Luca assaulted Ella's American Girl doll with Milo's new pop rifle, our well weathered Gabba ears were ringing because apparently these are the loudest toys on the planet, everyone was fighting over each others toys and screaming our name over and over because they needed help opening everything at once and Mike and I just stared at each other with wide eyes experiencing our first Christmas as an even bigger family. These are the days. They are loud and crazy but so good. 

By 9:30 it was naps for these two...
Trying her hardest to wish us a merry Christmas!

 We spent the rest of the day in our pjs snuggling, playing, eating, drinking and being merry. It's a wonderful life and we are so very thankful. I felt so thrilled and complete with all of our babies here and dreamed of the Christmases to come through the years!

TwELF Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my elf gave to me...

A new quilt to keep me warm and cozy!
 up, up and away!!!


On the fifth day of Christmas my elf gave to me...
A fun day at Milo's birthday party!

On the sixth day of Christmas my elf gave to me...
Forgiveness fot touching me! 
(can't touch the elves or they lose their magic)

We can't remember what the elves brought on the eighth day!!!

On the tenth day of Christmas my elf gave to me...
{which was devoured before any pic could be taken!}

On the eleventh day of Christmas my elf gave to me...
zoo tickets and zoo lights to see!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my elf gave to me...
a gingerbread house to make and eat!
And even though the twelf days are over...our elves are just that good!

Ella and Olli rode in on Starlily the unicorn...

Luca got his remote control helicopter that he wanted and Milo got a remote control car that he's terrified of :-)

 Betsy Ballard and Bodie also brought Olli's new elf, Beatrice, to join the family!!!

And our last big event for the evening was a Christmas light scavenger hunt! The elves brought the scavenger hunt and we took our traditional round through Olympic Manor and then went to take a look at Candy Cane Lane! It's the cutest little street in the Raveena neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. We made hot cocoa in travel mugs and ran to the car in our slippers!