Friday, December 26, 2014

The Nutcracker Ballet

I love doing girly things with my girly girl...
 and what's more girly than getting all fancy and going to the Nutcracker ballet with girlfriends?!?! She started counting the hours minutes to showtime as soon as she woke up at 6:00 am!
 It was so fun getting all dressed up, doing make up and surprising her with a fancy dress. I curled her hair and it got really curly this time. She was so excited and said, "it'a a miracle...all my wishes and dreams are coming true!" I guess she had envisioned the perfect curls for the evening : )  She opened her Christmas present from Luca a little early because she really wanted to wear high heels to the ballet and that is exactly what he got her :) Her first high heels! 
 I was thrilled that we were able to see the last performance of Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker. This one has been here for years and will change next year. It was a big deal!
 embracing the selfie trend :)
 We shared this special evening with the Hoss girls!
Ella & Sadie
We had dinner at the Melting Pot. I got so tickled when we drove up for valet parking and Ella was worried he would steal the mini van hahaha. We all loved it, but Ella not so much. She was afraid of the hot pot and she didn't really like "cooking" her own food haha...what a princess :) However, the highlight of her dinner was getting the purple cooking sticks. She also was super stoked about the cherry in her Shirley Temple. It's the small things :) 

 {my girl}
 The girls ordered Shirley Temples :)

 They asked all through dinner if we were late or missing it. They couldn't wait to get there!

 And of course...we had to get her first nutcracker-a ballerina nutcracker-for her first ballet and first time to see the Nutcracker! They had us talked into that before we even made it in...but they didn't have too much convincing to do ;)

let the show begin!
so enthralled ...
 Ella loved the dancing and all of the props. She was so excited that her dress looked like Clara's!

 When the show was over, she dance her way through the halls and hasn't stopped twirling since!

 One lesson the girls learned tonight is the price of fashion :-)

This night was one for the memory books for sure!

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