Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snowflake Lane

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. In the air theirs a feeling of Christmas.
To kick of the weekend and for our advent activity for day 11, we set off to Bellevue to Snowflake Lane! First we took the kids shopping to buy gifts for each other :) Ella got Luca the new hot wheels flying car that he's been talking endlessly about and Luca picked out a pair of sparkly high heels for Ella! She has been wanting some high heels and he knew that. He picked out the prettiest most sparkly pair he could find. Good man :)
 So much Christmas cheer in this place!

 As they started, the dancers and band made their way through and began the show! There were drummers everywhere...up on the light posts and all down the street...

As soon as they began it started to rain! Not Seattle rain...a torrential downpour!
 Milo wasn't digging the music, lights and/or people anyway but the rain sent him over the edge. Then, when the parade started and the drummers came in...
The rain had stopped but he didn't come out until it was over and we had walked back to the car haha.

And the best part...right in the middle of the show they make it SNOW!!! It was snowing all down the many lights, music and very merry :)

 Ella loved these girls. Towards then end on their way out, they parked their platforms right in front of us and danced. Ella just stood in awe and then joined right in with them :)
 And then right as we were leaving...ELSA!!! She was by far the most popular person on the block :D
 Then a magical moment happened for my girl...they got to dance together :) Out of all of the people on the street and all little girls...ELLA got to dance with Elsa! A dream come true for my little princess!

 move aside Christmas mouse...Elsa has arrived!

Just making memories with my little lovelies and enjoying the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes. 

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