Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh what fun...

My mom was in this past week!!! She was here to celebrate Milo's first birthday and we also had our Christmas together! They ended up in a standby flight situation so Papa Bo wasn't able to be here this year. We missed him and Milo and I are counting the days to our trip to Arkansas next month :) We packed a TON of stuff into this trip...there was too much fun to be had! For starters, I have to celebrate this little moment right here...
Twas the FIRST TIME baby child sat in his highchair and ate table food for lunch! He hasn't done it again but this was a win :)
 Getting prepped for visitors and Milo's party {next post!}, we made our Costco trip. It was all fun and games until Luca tried to hide in the largest coat rack I've ever seen stuffed with puffer coats. Of all the things to get lost in! He couldn't find his way out and I couldn't find my way in...all I could hear was a very faint muffled cry but you know how puffy those things are! It was pitch black. All ended well...just a little boy who {hopefully} won't try to hide from me again and a little static in the hair :)
 Our first night together! We ate Patxis Pizza on Ballard Ave, looked at the lights and did a little window shopping. It was our advent activity for the evening and we were so happy Nana B was there to join us!

 On Saturday after Milo's party, we got wild and crazy and went to see Santa! Again, it was our advent activity for the day. We recouped from all the fun and then set out for more!
It pretty much went as expected...
Ella was proud.
Luca wanted to explain.
Milo was terrified.
Santa loves Milo but Milo does NOT love Santa :)

 Luca gave his wish list and then Santa assured him that if he was on Mommy and Daddy's good list that he was on Santa's good list :) He also reminded him to pick up his room (a constant battle these days), to not yell in the house and to be careful with his baby brother...almost like he's been watching ;) In that moment I believed all over again! 
He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!

 And then there's Ella who waits her turn. She quietly gave Santa her list and studied his face. She was a little shy yet so enamored! 

 I love how she looks at him with magic in her eyes!

 On Sunday we had our Christmas celebration with Nana B. We opened our presents and stockings and made our ornaments for the year! Today's advent activity was to finish decorating for Christmas so we decked the halls as well!

 The moment she realized all of her Frozen dreams had come true and she had a floor length Elsa dress with a cape!!!

 Monday's advent activity was to go see it snow at Pacific Place mall downtown!

 and Santa was there too!!!
On Tuesday, we took Nana B to a legit Seattle coffee shop for our very first deconstructed espresso at Slate! After all, Seattle is known for it's coffee roasting and supply. It's a city of coffee enthusiasts and a huge part of the culture! That and rain haha.

 girlfriend and her press on nails :)
 my poor teething baby :(  
 Nana B is gone now, but the fun hasn't stopped. Yesterday's advent was decorating gingerbread men with edible markers!
 And Luca had a Christmas cookie decorating party with all of his Little Feats friends!
 Ella {and mama} are prepping for her first big sleepover to kick of Christmas break next week...
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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