Friday, December 12, 2014

Milo's Winter {ONE}derland

Milo Jude turned ONE YEAR OLD!!! We celebrated with a Winter Onederland. It was the most perfect day. A baby's first birthday is such a momentous moment and it was just the sweetest day. It was exactly what I wanted...our people, his people, all together in the same place celebrating his sweet little life. 
We spent the day with those who have carried us, and him, through this first year and it was so special to have them all together in the same place at once to celebrate him!

Baby it's cold outside...warm up at the hot cocoa bar!!!

The cake...
Milo's smash cake.
We celebrated our mighty man's first birthday warm and cozy in our pjs with brunch!

cheers my dears!

tiny party hats for tiny party guests!

Party favors: snowflake ornament, sock monkey pocket hand warmer, winter woodland animal rings, marshmallows and hot cocoa :)
The party guests signed in with their prints and signature...
my sweet birthday boy!!!
He was so happy on his party day. He napped well that morning and was ready to go. I was anxious to see how he would do. To be honest, I really thought he'd melt and be really overwhelmed! He's pretty timid and shy in public but is super playful at his home and/or with those he knows well. It's the first time we've had ALL our people together in the same it was a crowd but it was all familiar. He did so good and was so happy!

Checking out his elephant rocker from Nana B and Papa Bo...and the confetti balloon :)
The much love in this picture.
Reading party of 5! 
The Nana B to 3!
What a wonderful year it has been with this sweetness...

Before the party guests arrived, we watched Milo's slideshow that was set to play for the party. The year has flown by and I wonder where the time went...but watching this video with all of these pictures made me realize how much we've done and how far we've come in just one year! The first year is a big one. It's magical. So much happens and it just flies by!
Luca checking out Milo's car from Mommy and Daddy. I love that it has #3 on the side...because he is our third! Ella and Luca both have metal antique car/planes for their first birthday from Nana B and Papa Bo...this one was meant for Milo :)
Ella and Auntie Ann!
Luca and Simon in deep conversation. I love watching Milo follow Luca's lead :)
Everyone has arrived! Party time!

Milo DEVOURED the pancakes!!! Baby Boo doesn't eat much table food so we get super duper excited when we find something he likes! And at his birthday party...he discovered pancakes :)

Milo's Peeps!!!
Time for presents! Ella was so sweet and read all of his cards aloud. Izze made him a card of her very own. 
So much love for this boy...

Emily knitted him his own hat and scarf!!! What a sweet gift!!!

Milo's dump truck from Sal and Shannon. Sal Milo was super excited about this gift ;0)

After presents, it was time for cake :)
Happy birthday baby Milo, happy birthday to you!

He was totally fine and excited about the cake until I popped the confetti popper. That did NOT go over well and took him quite a bit of time to recover :) We ended up blowing out his candle and then he cried and cried and wouldn't touch his cake! The confetti shower was traumatizing to him....I should have known. I held him for a while and then convinced him to sit down and try some cake...convincing a child to dive into cake is definitely a first :)

Just taking a little break! It's all fun and games until mama pops a confetti popper!

I put some on his nose to try to get him interested. Apparently he forgot how yummy his cream puff was on his actual birthday!
He finally started to play with it...
then he took a couple bites...

20 minutes it's finally getting good :)

E was the proudest big sister on this day! Before it started, she asked if she could be like a grown up hostess and welcome people and take care of them during the party...and that she did! It's so sweet to see my baby loving my baby.

It had been a while and little boo cakes was just picking at his cake. I started to think that maybe he would just be the one who was dainty with his smash cake! As soon as I was about to pick him up, he went in face first...

it was hysterical.
He ate the rest of it just like a dog.

and we were so proud!
He never touched it again! He just dove in with huge bites straight to the source...mouth to cake!

From the first moment you became our little boo...I've asked you, "hey boo boo, how bout some choooocloate cake" in my very best yogi bear impersonation. It brought a smile to your face from your very first weeks of life! It was one of the first things you responsively smiled to.. All that to say, it was so fun for me to watch my little boo boo finally stuff his face into some chocolate cake :)

I kept thinking he'd get tired of it or full but he never did :) We ended up taking it from him and he wasn't too happy about it!

What a year it has been. I can't imagine my life without this little angel. 

Now that's a decent job for a baby his size and a cake that size...
Happy birthday to my newborn baby boy! I just can't believe it. I can't wait to see what you become. No matter how big you get and how old you grow, you'll always be our baby. It's hard to let you get big but at the same time I'm so proud to watch you grown! Here's to your 1st year of life. Thank you for the wonder and spark that you bring to our family. You are just magical. We love you baby boo.

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