Friday, December 19, 2014


We have been celebrating the days away this season with our family advent activities and our seasonal guests, the elves!!! Betsy, Ballard and Bodie have been causing all kinds of trouble and mayhem this season but that's for another post :-) In the meantime...

 We've been hanging out with these fine friends. We tried out a new brewing company, Peddler, to celebrate Dann's birthday before they head back to Colorado for the holidays. 

Ella lost her 3rd tooth on top but hasn't started to grow any more in. She really will be wishing for her two front teeth for Christmas! 
 She is also participating in the Whittier choir and she had her first choir concert this week! She was so cute singing with expression and a little pep in her step :) Such a performer!
 I love this picture because...
it reminds me of this picture just one short year ago. What a difference a year makes!

 We've also found a 3rd food that Milo will eat. In addition to turkey and cream puffs...he also has a thing for apples. Whole apples with skin. Really? Really. He goes crazy if someone is eating one and he wants his very own. And if he drops it on the floor, don't even think about taking it to pull a hair or dirt off. This kid is so funny. He definitely has some quirks!

 We had parent participation night at the kids dance studio so I got to bust out some moves for Luca's little man jam and Ella's tap and ballet class. I think I made them proud ;)

 We had our Christmas party with our home group. I should of had one of the big kids take a picture for us but this is what I got! I love that my girl is always ready for a good time :)
 Sweet baby Milo looking all cute and festive in his Christmas sweater. I could just eat him up!
 We also had Luca's Pre-K Christmas program!!! It was seriously the cutest Christmas program I've ever seen and with my experience and profession...I've seen a lot. Nina, the owner of the preschool, is from Norway. Our neighborhood, Ballard, historically and presently, has a strong Scandinavian/Norwegian presence and culture. People, food, style, tradition...very Scandinavian. They founded our neighborhood many years ago and are still here today! 
 Nina told us about her Christmas traditions in Norway. They would have a huge town party every year on the 13th of December and it marked the official start of the Christmas season. The children would like candles and walk through the town lighting all of the trees (with candles!!) and the town tree. Santa Clause would hand out treats and the townspeople would dance around the big tree in the city square. They would sing and whoever was chosen as St. Lucia would wear her crown of candles. (can you believe anyone ever thought it was a good idea to put candles on a child's head?) hahaha, anyway...I'm really learning a lot about the culture living here in Ballard and I'm loving it. So rich in tradition and culture. 
 SO...when Nina moved here, that was a celebration she really missed. When she opened the school, she made this very Christmas program for the pre-k to resemble her Norwegian Christmas traditions. And she said, "Every year since I've moved here, this is the program/celebration that begins my Christmas celebration." And apparently 20 years later, she still cries every time :)

They sang Jingle Bells in the Norwegian language which I thought was so sweet and SUPER impressive!

 Another tradition the smashing of the gingerbread houses! After the program, we all do downstairs and Nina smashes the gingerbread houses and we all have cookies together!

Luca and his bestie William...

and their little siblings! Milo and Charlotte both rocking their Rudolph sweaters :)

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