Tuesday, December 2, 2014

He's 1 Year Wonderful

At 1 year of age you are...

The tiniest of the bunch. So far you are the smallest baby we've had. Yesterday we had your well check and you weighed in at 21 lbs and 29 inches...both 45th percentile. Size 3 diaper and size 2 shoes. Your head, of course, is true to Reading baby form and is off the charts :) Your big ole noggin and your tiny little body make one bundle of adorableness. 
You are SO funny! You're doctor told me at your 6 month check up that he thought you were going to be a pistol. I thought you were just scared of him and crying, but it turns out he may have been on to something! This visit was the opposite. You tried to act silly and you gave all of these big fake giggles trying to entertain him :) You're a screamer...for fun, play, communication, sad or mad, you cans scream! Thinking back to the day you were born I now know you've always been a screamer. Tiny newborn babies usually have a shaky little lamb cry. Not yours. Yours was mighty and shocked the whole room. As a tiny little guy you'd always just let out a random yelp/scream. Just like your sissy and brother...everything is a party :)
You are shy, bashful and reserved in public but a firecracker at home. It must be ingrained in you as a 3rd child to fight for your rights. You are very affectionate and love/need to be held. I certainly don't mind this at all! You are FINALLY a good sleeper and a scheduled sleeper. And FINALLY eating some table food. You still refuse baby food and are skipping right over to table food. You just may be my meat and potatoes boy! You are something special baby. We love you and love watching who you are becoming. Cheers to your first year of life! Time to celebrate with a Winter ONEderland!!! 
Now on to his big day...

I'm 1 year old today!
This post was clearly supposed to be about Mighty Milo's first birthday...but it also turned into a play by play of his first creampuff :) I just can't help myself so bare with me :)
 And just a forewarning...I took like a 1000 pictures on this lovely day and could only narrow it down to 999 haha. Proud mommy blog post ahead...
 Getting ready for church!

My little baby boo turned 1 year old on Sunday. We have officially survived the first year! For the 4th time now, a tiny little baby has performed magic to my heart and changed me forever. Falling in love is such an amazing feeling and Milo's first year was no different except for maybe the fact that knowing he's 99% probably our last...I slowed down a little bit, didn't rush next steps and really just held this baby for an entire year. I watched him get bigger every single day right in front of my eyes and felt him grow in my arms and my lap. As a working mom with Ella and Luca, I felt so blessed to have this opportunity to JUST love baby :) I really didn't do too much of anything else during the day! The bigs were in school and I have a super supportive husband who works overtime at everything...all to provide for our family and love us well. It's been a beautiful year with our newest tiny tenant and he was just meant to be. Since his birthday was on Sunday, I got him all dressed up in his fancy birthday outfit and off to church we went!

 Milo and Izze

We stayed home the rest of the day and you napped. That evening we had dinner at home, skyped with all the grandparents, sang to you and gave you your very first treat...a cream puff! 
 You were a little shy as we sang to you :)

 Happy birthday dear Milo, happy birthday tooooo youuuuuu!!!!

At first you refused it like you do with food :) You picked around, offered other people bites and just played with it. 

Then Ella tore off pieces of the bread and you ate a few bites of the pastry. 

 You want me to eat this?

THEN you slowly experimented with the the good part...the cream.

 Oh, that's good...
 Here sissy, want a bite?
 what is this thing?

It took about 30 minutes of sitting and poking around, but once you have it a chance it was gonner!!! We now know of 2 things you will eat. Thanksgiving turkey and cream puffs :) 

 So good mom! Here take a bite!


 Mimi and Pops watching me eat my birthday treat :)

Then the sugar high kicked in and it was a scream fest/party for the next hour haha.
 That was good! More please!

 All done!
And just in case that wasn't enough pictures of my child eating a pastry for you...don't worry, he'll have a smash cake at his birthday party hahaha.

 We had just put up your Christmas tree and so after your cream puff dinner we let you play with it and look at your ornaments for a bit. 
Milo's first Christmas Tree!


I'm glad his party isn't until next weekend because that actual first birthday is such a weird day for me! It always is. So emotional. There is so much joy, pride, happiness and love mixed with a little tinge of sadness in the acknowledgement that he won't be tiny forever! It's such a special year for the baby, mama and family and I get a little nostalgic on the day of. The first year is a big one. So much happens.


 I also felt like Milo and I were both "survivors" of this first year :) Youngest of 3 + Mama of 3 - sleepy baby + no sleep + breast milk addict = survivors :) It's a labor of love that fills me up in unimaginable ways. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU sweet baby. We did it. You are here and were definitely meant to be ours! I can't imagine a time when you weren't and it's like I've always loved you, known you, had you. I'm so glad you are mine. Here's to another beautiful year!

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