Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

So this year was baby's FIRST Thanksgiving!!! We had plans to spend it with friends but once he got sick, we realized we wouldn't be able to go. I have to say though, it turned out pretty perfect...just the way it was meant to be. It was so so so good to smell our family's recipes cooking in this house and that alone made it instantly more of a home. We cuddled up in pjs, played games, watched football, skyped with family and ate all day long! Our meal was lovingly made by Mike and let me hubby can COOK! Our house smelled amazing.
 Best buddies :)
 Cuddles! The entire day looked a whole lot like this...

We also found out on Milo's first Thanksgiving that he loves...I mean LOVES turkey! Baby boy doesn't eat/like/tolerate baby food and he strongly prefers mama's milk. And now turkey :) Hallelujah and praise God for turkey! It's gonna have to be turkey day every day at the Readings!
 We slept our turkey off and had a super slow black Friday morning. Then I ventured out with this little shopping buddy :) We just went to Target though!
Ella got this sweet little invitation from her friend, Abby, for a Thanksgiving break sleepover! I love it...
"Sleep over, call me. I luve you. You are my best frind." 
So we packed her up and dropped her off on our way to a post Thanksgiving lobster dinner feast with the Wilsons and the Stocktons! 
 Dinner absolutely exqusit and while I SHOULD have taken pictures of it all and friends, I was having such a good time that all I walked away with to document the night is this cute little guinea pig that Izze made and lovingly named after our Milo :) So here it is guys...Milo's namesake!
 And just like that, Thanksgiving and Black Friday were over and I woke up on the eve of my newborn baby boy's first birthday to a blanket of snow! It's actually pretty magical. We will be celebrating Milo with a Winter ONEderland party and it's like Mother Nature knew and blessed it :) I can't wait to celebrate this sweet bundle of love and his first year of life with our closest friends. It's hard to let the baby get big but somehow this little snow made it all ok...
And just like he was with the sand this summer, he was equally afraid of the snow! My timid little tiny-tot  took one good look when I opened the door and began wailing :) So I did what any other good mom would do and I sat him down and took his picture anyway!

Then he looked around and decided maybe he was gonna be ok...
 and gave me that little grin sweet enough to melt my heart and all the snow in the neighborhood :)

We went inside to warm up and then tried again...

  it was ok for a minute, 

 and then it wasn't anymore haha.

 I also thought it was pretty awesome that Ella got to wake up from a sleepover to get up and go play in the snow with her friend! 
The sweetest girls on the planet and their tiny snowman :)
 It was a wonderful holiday with love, laughter, family, friends and GOOD food and now we get to celebrate our baby boy's first birthday tomorrow. I was feeling bummed on the eve of Thanksgiving, and when I got home I opened this little package that came in the mail from my mom and dad. It was a little birdie ornament for each of us...and the card read, "Two homes full of conversation, delicious food and good company...even though we're not together, the warmth and spirit of celebrating Thanksgiving will keep us close in thought." So true. My Aunt Kim also mentioned that miles can't separate hearts! I was able to find joy in the gratitude that I have for my amazing family. That's what it's all about!

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