Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photo Dump {November}

Well November has flown by at rapid speed. I'm not sure what we've been doing or why/how it flew past me. Maybe it's because we won't get to be with family for Thanksgiving or maybe it's because it's my newborn baby's BIRTHDAY MONTH...but I'm starting to wonder if I blocked the whole thing out haha. So here is a November photo dump!
In just 4 short days, this guy will turn ONE! He's not walking yet, but this month he has started taking his first steps! He actually took his very first steps earlier this month at the church office. He just let go and walked right over to Michelle! So then of course we all turned our phones on to try to get it on video. Of course he wouldn't do it again and all we have to document the moment is a bunch of giddy women trying to convince him to do it again :-)...

 The second time he set free and walked was when he was trying to escape Luca's "love and affection" and he was running from him to make it to me on the other end of the couch. But I'm pretty sure in no time he'll be walking everywhere! I think this is the sweetest video...such a proud sister and a baby brother who loves her so much!!!

 3 things about these pics...
1. He still loves to stick that cutie booty in the air to sleep and I take pictures of it like every night because I think its soooo cute.
2. He loves crossed feet
3. and apparently I love stripes ;)
 Mike and I got to toss in the sweatpants for an evening and go celebrate our friend Becky's birthday! It felt good to get all dressed up and go have an adult evening with our friends. The kiddies stayed home with Auntie Ann and we had the most magnificent dinner at Daniels Broiler. When I came out of the room, Ella said my dress was short and asked if I was going to put on some pants or something! Oh my that girl!

 I've been missing my family this month just thinking about how the holidays are coming and we won't be together. We weren't together last year either...but it was easy to divert my attention and reasoning to the fact that I was having a baby! This year, it is clearly just the distance. :( So...I've been surrounding myself with all of the wonderful people we have here and making it a goal to get out and spend time with them and do something meaningful every day. Thursday we had Becky's birthday and Saturday I went and spent some time at U Village-my happy place-with my dear friend Emily. We sat on this giant bench, pretended to be tiny, drank coffee and talked for a while before perusing some of our favorite stores and getting into the holiday spirit.  

On Saturday we went over to the Stockton's gender reveal party! 

 They had friends with them and their family joined them on skype...
 and then all together we found out it was a...
Yay for boy babies! Milo has 2 little buddies to join him this spring =D
 We were going to have Thanksgiving with these fine friends above but baby boo cakes got really sick :(  He passed out on me without nursing (that should have been my first clue) but not without his other favorite things...his paci, his blanky and his hair brush! He has hand foot mouth disease and an ear infection. When it rains it pours because I also ended up with mastitis. Ouch. 
We've stayed in and had lots of snuggles. He's slowly feeling better but we will be making our own feast at home just to make sure we don't infect other people's children...MAJOR party fowl haha.

 Luca has still had school but Ella has been off all week! Luca at school + Milo's long sick naps = lots of time to spend some girl time together. We also had her parent/teacher conference this week and of course, just as I anticipated, she is a wonderful student. Good friend, good example, hard worker, big helper...and good grades to boot. I am so proud of my girl! This day we celebrated with green mint chip cookies and The Grinch!
 We put our tree up early this year because, well, it's what I do :) Milo hasn't pulled it down yet like Luca at around this age... but he does have a few favorite ornaments! He is highly interested in the ONE AND ONLY ornament I have from Luca. Of course that is the only he'd be drawn to. I refuse to let it get broken! So...I put it up a little higher which only helped him learn to stand up on his own :) hahaha
I guess that's just how it goes!

 On the same note, there is nothing sweeter to me than a baby or small child seeing all the lights and pretty ornaments for the first time with curiosity and wonder. It's so sweet seeing them take it in and explore it all...
 until they flash this mischievous grin that says, "Look what I got mama! Pretty sure I'm not supposed to have it!"

 This is Luca's thankful tree from school. I know it's hard to see but just in case you can't read it, he's thankful for Mommy, Daddy, Pippa....and the number 4 :)
 Today was Luca's Pre-K Thanksgiving Pageant and boy child ROCKED it this year! Last year he stood frozen and then sang all the songs to us when we got home. This year he sang loud, had so much expression and didn't miss a hand signal or beat! Cuteness overload!
 "I've got peace like a river in my soul..."

 Ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with a Thankful heart tomorrow! There is so much to be thankful for today and every day...especially with these 3 little lovelies.

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